Getting Going with Google+ – Four Fantastic Tips for Your Business

Does it make sense for your business’s social media strategy to include a strong presence on Google+?  We think so.  But what we think doesn’t necessarily matter.

Staying Active

What does matter is that Google+ recently ranked as the second most popular social network in terms of active users just behind Facebook and one spot ahead of YouTube.  That ranking, along with the fact that – we are talking about Google here people –  makes this social network a must-have piece in every brand’s social marketing plans.  And because of your generous nature, we’re going to share four tips for Google+ that will help your business make the most of this social network.

Learn the Ropes

Every social network has its own set of etiquette and best practices.  Google+ is no different.  Use +1 mentions to engage and give props to people for their posts, replace automatically inserted link thumbnails with large, eye-catching photos, insert hashtags in your content, take part in “what’s trending” topical conversations to gain brand exposure – these are few of the basics that will help your brand build an active community on Google+.

Hanging Around

How would you like to host live product demonstrations, introduce a new service or host a weekly business showcase show online in front of hundreds or thousands of people for free?  Google Hangouts on Air – the newest addition paring Google+ Hangouts and YouTube – is the way to go.  Get creative and use this free video-chat service to grow their bottom line and put a personal face to your brand.

Circle the Troops

Have you ever had a hard time creating compelling content for your blogs and social network posts? Are you looking for a time-saving way to find sharable, engaging content for you social network fans.  Use Google+ circles to organise and follow thought leaders in your industry, non-competing businesses and brands your business represents to curate content for your social community.

Community Service

Another of our favorite features of this social network is the Google+ Community.  This feature allows your business to quickly build a following of individuals who have interests related to your brand’s products or services.  Create a Google+ Community as an online customer service hub, a “best uses” or “top tips” community for your product or service, or as a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Adding Google+ to your social media marketing strategy and long-term social network plans is a winning proposition for businesses large and small.  Google has the resources to deliver a great social media experience and will undoubtedly continue to innovate and add user-friendly features to Google+ for business.

What do you think about this social network?  Please share in the comments below.



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