A Good Social Media Presence Also Helps You In These 4 Subtle Ways

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Everyone knows the benefits of having a solid social media presence for their firm by now. Business leaders are often wise about what is required from them, and now more than ever. The shifting online market has had enough time for businesses to fully acclimate to life online, with presences more accessible than ever. It’s so commonplace now that businesses who fail to make use of these new tools of exposure are often thought of as being ‘behind the times,’ and that can be deadly for the correct functioning of a firm in any regard.

Luckily, this formula needn’t be as difficult as you may originally think it is. Simply create your profiles, be clear about your operation, consistently update it and place attractive graphic design there. Before long, you’ll have an attractive profile worthy of envy which will climb in the likes without much interaction. However, if looking to optimise your potential client outreach, then be sure to view our blog and read articles for the best tips.

However, there are many unintended side effects of a successful social media strategy. Sometimes they can help you in more ways than one. We’d like to explore the least thought of results which can truly help grow your operation.


Opening up your business to online reviews can help your business seem open and welcoming of criticism. You may feel relatively wary of opening yourself up to this, thanks to the stream of negative reviews that any worried business leader is sure to anticipate. However, even if given negative reviews, this might not be the most damaging thing to have happen. If you’re seen to consistently search for methods to appease those who are unhappy with your firm such as trying your best to search for solutions and rectify the problem, you will look like an active and engaged firm.

Of course, your aim should always be to achieve that ‘5-star positive review’ but a large average of overall positive reviews should be your first intended aim for success. If you manage to do this, you will keep an appealing social media profile which can be rated amongst the best of the firms in your industry.


Opening your firm to support enquiries needn’t be as difficult as hiring a full call center. A solid and expansive support network is now fully able to be hosted on your social media pages. Opening a separate Twitter support account and having it manned by a couple employees, as well as allowing your business page to receive support IM’s can work wonders in giving your customers a fast, responsive and modern way to air their grievances. Not only this, but it can work wonders for your support team, who are often only concerned with providing you and your firm with a professional and easy method of dealing with complaints.

These terminal UI’s are often easy and intuitive to use, minimizing the ‘script’ requirements that you need to educate your employees with. This will give you more time to educate your employees in fields that matter most. Thanks to the support mostly being monitored through text, it also helps you eradicate the risk of an employee sounding unprofessional on the phone. No matter how experienced the support professional, they will be able to adapt to the new system quickly and easily. Not bad for such a low-cost, easily maintained and reliable support platform.

Attract Great Staff

As a growing and developing firm, it’s likely that you want to attract the most qualified staff to your ranks. Doing so will help you confirm the skillsets your firm really needs to progress and succeed in whatever it hopes to accomplish. The first thing that a great potential candidate will do before applying to your firm is scoured your online presence. Google’s searching algorithms automatically favour profiles from the most popular social media presences online, so you can be sure that all of your social media sites will be presented within at the least the second page of the search result.

First impressions matter. Not only will the maintenance of your social media page be a deciding factor in whether they apply or not, but it will help them understand if they can fit within your working climate. Employees often imagine acquiring the persona of a firm when they consider their career. What we mean by this is that an employee changing firms takes that new firm as part of their professional identity, and so any sloppiness, spelling errors or lack of engagement with your social media page will look unappealing from this perspective.

Luckily, this needn’t be a death sentence. Simply tighten up your presence online, and you can be sure that this will naturally take care of itself. Also, consider running a blog and linking it here. Here you can host your company mission statement, explain where you hope to be in the oncoming years, as well as publicly listing your safety employee guidelines, as educated by the health and safety procedure guide for employers here.

Having a presence like this will only help your firm to see completely transparent. Sometimes, that’s all you need to maintain a positive and trustworthy public online presence.

Wit & Humour

For a free and simple way to change the public perception of your firm, making use of wit and humour in your posts and response to comments (only if pulled off well,) can lead to people ‘tagging’ their friends or ‘sharing’ your posts, which can exponentially increase your exposure to a dizzying degree. This can also help your firm seem approachable, friendly, and it in for the right reasons.

The ‘faceless’ corporation mentality has led to many consumers feeling as though the firms they shop at most keep a careful public face, which is constant and unshifting in its ability to appeal to everyone. As a small firm, using social media wit in this way can help increase the viewership of your profiles for a simple and fun method which is natural, free, and also helps improve the perception of business for the new generations.

With these tips, your social media strategy is sure to flourish.


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