Give Your Facebook Fan Page a Makeover for Better Business Results

Give Your Facebook Fan Page a Makeover for Better Business Results

Are you optimising your Facebook fan page to deliver better business results?  Your Facebook for business page can help your company capture leads and drive sales if it is optimised correctly to do so.  Below are five simple steps to give your Facebook fan page a makeover that will deliver real business outcomes.

Choose Category Correctly

Have you chosen the correct category for your Facebook fan page?  If you use the wrong category, your business could lose out on a number of social marketing features that help you achieve real business results.  For example, if you have a physical location but fail to place your Facebook fan page in the Local Business category, then you will miss out on increasing foot traffic with Facebook Nearby and using check-ins and Facebook Offers to drive sales.

Optimise for Social SEO

Is it time to review your Facebook social search optimisation on your fan page?  Facebook Graph search and traditional search engines will ensure your business is found when you focus on using descriptive keywords in your About section and other company information on your Facebook for business page.  Also, make sure your Facebook url and page title are related to your company (use your business name when possible) and business industry.

Facebook Local Search Signals

For business owners with physical locations, do not miss out on the importance of optimising your information and photos for Facebook graph search and local search social marketing to ensure you are found by Facebook mobile users.  Start by including the correct address in the about section.  Then, always make sure to include your address in descriptions of photos you use (profile picture, cover photo) and share (posts to page) for local search SEO benefits.

Captivating Cover Photos

Do you use your Facebook cover photo for more than just a fancy placeholder?  Your cover photo should not only convey your brand image, but also should be used as a social marketing tool to drive leads and sales.  Make sure to take advantage of the new Facebook call to action buttons which are available to Facebook business pages.

Facebook Featured Video

Have you seen the option to add a featured video to your Facebook for business page?  Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to share a social media video showcasing your business to your Facebook fan page visitors.  Get creative with your featured video and perhaps use it to showcase a new product/service or to deliver visitors to a lead-capturing form on your website.

How do you use your Facebook fan page to deliver real business outcomes?  Please share in our comments below.



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