Getting Your Business Noticed in Public With the Help of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that a business can use to promote their business. When you’re exposing your company to the public, it’s important to prepare multiple different strategies in order to take advantage of multiple formats and platforms. For instance, you can use print to create flyers and newspaper advertisements, or you can use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote your services over the internet.

Either way, your public appearance has a huge effect on your ability to be noticed. With how fast information spreads on the internet, you should be prioritising social media when it comes to public exposure. Below, we’ve listed a couple of useful tips that will help you make the most of any event, trade show or exhibition that you attend to boost your business.

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Wear your business

Whether it’s a branded lanyard to hold your pass at a trade show or a shirt that has your logo on it, don’t be afraid to “wear” your business. You can navigate here if you want to find a custom lanyard printer to create some custom accessories for you to take to a public show. Although it seems small, it does give your business an air of professionalism. You could do a short production run of business branded merchandise to give to your employees, then they can then wear it at public appearances, trade shows, exhibitions or even when they’re being interviewed by the media.

Because you’re exposing your brand by literally wearing it, you’re more likely to grab people’s attention on social media. If you have a skilled designer that is capable of creating a unique logo or design for your apparel, then you’ll quickly get noticed on social media whenever take photos with you in the frame. If an industry figurehead decides to take a picture with you or of your brand, then everyone who sees the image will notice your logo and become curious.

Don’t stop using social media

All of your employees should be using social media when you’re at a public event. Even your main social media manager should be tweeting non-stop and posting plenty of pictures on Instagram. Remember the basics when using social media for the sake of exposure. Always tag relevant users in your posts to increases interaction and get noticed, and make sure you get permission to take photos before uploading them to the internet. The last thing you want to do is fire an employee for using social media inappropriately, so pay close attention to the rules.

The reason you want to continuously feed social media when you’re at a public event is because there are a lot of people both in the event and at home that will be checking social media. There’s a lot of things going on and if you use the relevant hashtags for the event you’re attending, people who are actively using social media while the event is running will notice it. This will draw their attention to you and help you get more exposure.

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