Gain Valuable Insight into the New Facebook Insights with These Three Tips

Have you taken the time to look at the inner workings of your Facebook for business page lately?  Do you spend time poking around in the deep, dark regions of your social marketing data?  If your business hopes to see real success from its Facebook social media strategy, then you must understand what’s going on behind the scenes of your Facebook Timeline and News Feed.

Seeing Clearly

How do you get a clearer look at what is working and not working when using this social network to reach your existing customers and gain new customers?  Your Facebook Page Insights data is where you will find the answers to all your questions.  And lucky for you, we’re going to share three tips to help you take advantage of the more user-friendly, redesigned Facebook Insights.

It’s About Time

How many times have you read an article or blog post from an “expert” telling you the best times to post on Facebook to reach the most fans and achieve maximum engagement.  Hopefully you didn’t listen because there is no universally-perfect time for social network posts.  But with the new Insights you can find the best days/times for your business to post by clicking the “When Your Fans are Online” tab where you will see exactly when your fans are most active on Facebook broken down by day and time.  Use this data to plan out and test your Facebook posting schedules.

Socially Active

Now that your business understands when to reach your fans, you will need to understand how to engage your fans in a way that they perform social actions such as liking, sharing, commenting and clicking on your posts.  To do this, go to your “Posts” tab, click on “All Posts” and then change the “Like, Comments & Shares” link to “Engagement Rate” in the drop down menu.  Now you can see exactly how engaging each post was, and you can focus on creating content similar to your most engaging Facebook posts.

Reaching Out

Are your Facebook fans evangelists for your brand?  One way to discover exactly how valuable your present fans are can be found under the same “All Posts” section mentioned above.  Select the drop-down menu next to “Reach”, click on “Reach Fans / Non-Fans”, and then hover your pointer over the colored bar next to each individual post to see exactly how many fans and non-fans your Facebook for business post reached.  If your non-fan numbers are low, then you need to focus on acquiring and creating more brand evangelists.

The latest update to Facebook Insights provides businesses with social media marketing data that is easy to understand and also to utilise in a business’s social media strategy.  How does your brand use Facebook Page Insights?  Please share your tips in the comments below.


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