Four Tips to Make the Most of These Sort of New LinkedIn Company Page Features

Were you one of the LinkedIn Company Page users who were recently emailed an announcement from the social network sharing new features and updates?  The announcement was also shared on LinkedIn’s official blog.  However, this social marketing news really wasn’t news at all as most of these updates were already well-known and being used by companies. But just in case you missed the announcement, we’re going to share it again – with a twist – by including some useful tips to increase your LinkedIn Company Page ROI.

Call to Action

Are you sharing useful information that links to an outside source such as a news website or thought leader’s blog?  Much like your Facebook for business page, you can now customise the preview image by choosing from what’s available or uploading your own image.  This opens up the opportunity to share branded images with calls to action (i.e. Sign Up for Our ENews, Visit Us on Twitter @companyname) when sharing your own company content and when appropriate.

Reaching Out

Like Facebook or Google+, LinkedIn Company Pages now offer the ability to interact with fans and followers by “liking” or “commenting” as your company.  However, if you are an admin who wishes to interact as yourself, then you should go to your personal profile, find the post in your personal feed and comment, share or like from there.  As a bonus…performing those actions shows the post to your LinkedIn Connections, increasing the reach of your LinkedIn Page posts which may also increase Company Page followers.

Show and Tell

Were you like many other businesses who really weren’t that excited about LinkedIn Showcase Pages because – unlike Microsoft or Apple – your business didn’t offer multiple product lines or services?  All it takes to make use of this new social marketing feature is a little creativity and an understanding of your customers.  A fitness center, for example, could create Showcase Pages for its hardcore bodybuilders, its cyclists, its customers who practice yoga, a page for nutrition and healthy eating, etc. to deliver the right content to the right audience.

Feeding Frenzy

Does part of your social media marketing strategy include using Twitter for business and other social networks to keep track of breaking industry news and keep an eye on your competition?  Our final tip is to use the new LinkedIn Company Page feed as a tool to do the same.  If you follow the Company Pages of your competitors and other industry leaders, you can easily find ideas for new content, discover shareable content and see what kind of content elicits engagement from followers quickly and easily with this new Company Page feed from LinkedIn.

How does your business use LinkedIn Company Pages as part of its social media marketing strategy?  Please share those tips below in our comment section.




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