Four Power Tips for Instagram Marketing Success in 2014

Want to boost your Instagram for business marketing success in 2014?  We’re going to share four power tips for Instagram marketing which will take your social media marketing to another level.  If you are ready to see your ROI on this photo sharing social network soar, pull up a chair, grab your favourite drink and start taking notes.

Direct Approach

Does your brand take advantage of Instagram Direct in its social marketing strategy?  Instagram Direct allows you to send photos or videos privately to a group of your followers and also see who’s viewed and liked your photo or video, read comments, reply to comments and participate in the social conversation.  If you need a little creative spark on how to use this feature, read this article with 4 tips for Instagram Direct.

Go Big

Most businesses understand the importance of placing links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks on their company website.  Our next tip is to dump that tiny social network button and go big when you promote your Instagram for business account.  Use one of your most-popular Instagram photos (hyperlinked of course) to grab the attention of your website visitors and use a call to action with that large image to drive visitors to your account.

Number Crunching

Are you using social media analytics to improve your ROI on your Facebook for business page?  Unfortunately, many brands do not do the same for their Instagram accounts.  Use a tool like Statigram to learn the best time to post Instagram photos, which type of filters receive the most engagement, and to discover other important insights data to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

Sphere of Influence

Often businesses will partner with highly-popular bloggers as part of their blogging for business strategy to help spread their brand’s message and expand their customer base.  Why are you not doing the same with your Instagram marketing?  While we don’t expect you to connect with celebrities to spread your brand message (although you could), here is an excellent article sharing ideas and tips for adding Instagram influencer targeting to your social media for business plan.

What Instagram marketing power tips does your business utilise in its social media marketing strategy?  Our readers would love to hear your success stories and go-to tips for Instagram for business.  Please share in our comments below.



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