Four Must-See Facebook Tools for Your Business and Personal Timeline Pages

Do you love cool, new Facebook apps, platforms and tools for your Facebook for business page and personal Timeline pages?  Well, that’s a silly question now isn’t it?  Like the Apple fan who can’t help themselves from constantly upgrading to the latest and greatest Apple device, Facebook fans love to try out and utilise new functionalities and new apps that seem to come on the scene every day.  We’re no different.  Here’s a few cool, new social marketing goodies that popped up on our radar recently.

Moving Pictures

Has it been an obsession of yours to create and post custom videos to your Facebook for business page?  Well, with Tabsite’s Brand VideoMaker, you can do just that.  The creators of this new Facebook app share many uses for these videos on their website.  However, what intrigued us was using these videos for contests, promotions, events, sweepstakes or other offerings and pushing those videos into your fan’s newsfeeds.

The Shape I’m In

Getting in shape and exercising is much more fun when you bring along your friends.  If you want to truly make your workouts a social activity then you should take a look at some of the popular Facebook fitness apps.  These cool, social workout apps are taking on a whole new look and feel by utilising Facebook’s Open Graph.  Before you head out on your next early morning run, take the time to log in to the social network and bring your friends along for the fun.

Make a Splash

Are your an admin for your company’s Facebook Timeline page?  Would you like to turn your “Likes” into sales?  “Splashpost allows marketers to create eye-catching and interesting Facebook posts that not only inform users about their companies, but allow them to interact and opt in for discounts and email services.”  This is a social marketing tool that every Facebook for business page admin needs to check out.

Get Things Done

Task management tools are an excellent way to get things done alone or in a group setting.  Now you can bring your task management and collaboration to your social network on Facebook.  The Yoobeo application for Facebook comes in both free and premium versions and delivers the kind of features you would expect from a collaboration and task tool.  However, with this social media task tool, you can now include your social network of friends in your projects.

Have any new Facebook for business apps or platforms that you are using with your company or on your personal profile?  Feel free to post yours favorites in the comments below.  Discover four must-have Facebook tab apps for your business on the Socialface blog.


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