Four Must-Have Facebook Timeline Page Tab Apps for Your Business

Facebook apps for business pages come in all shapes and sizes. There are apps for your Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, apps to share your blog posts, coupon apps, contest apps and many, many more. Not all Facebook tab apps are worth the trouble of adding them to your social media marketing strategy. Let’s just spend a little time talking about some of the must-have apps for your business’s Facebook fan page.

Know Yourself

While it is true that the rollout of Timeline for Facebook Pages in 2012 minimised the importance of Tabs and killed the landing page app, you can still get some use out of many of the apps offered on Facebook. However, don’t just add Tabs for the sake of having another app. Just like your social media marketing strategy, your choice of apps should compliment your Facebook for business strategy and be useful to your social network followers.

Customer Care

An integral part of many businesses social networking strategy is to use their social media as an inexpensive and efficient customer care tool. If you really want to give your social community complete customer service, then nothing beats the ability to have a live one-on-one conversation. LiveChat for Facebook gives you a tab that does just what its name implies – provides a live chat tool on your Facebook fan page.

Viral Viewing

Content integration is key for every business’s social marketing strategy. With the growth of mobile video and the popularity of YouTube, adding your video content to your Facebook for business page is extremely smart on your behalf (good job!). The YouTube app for Facebook will not only share your video on this social network but also drive visitors to your YouTube channel.

You Have Mail

Email marketing must continue to be a major part of your business’s online marketing strategy in 2013 (see #11 on this list). Giving your social community a quick, easy way to sign up for your email list on your Facebook Timeline page is a good way to grow that list. MailChimp and Constant Contact are two of the most popular Facebook page tab apps for email list sign-ups.

Read This

You spend time writing your blog posts to create fresh, valuable content both for your visitors and the search engine spiders. Why not provide easy access to your blog with page tab app. I love the free static html tool provided by Woobox that allows you to share any page on your website. If you add your blog page, you can entice Facebook fans to click over to your website.

Are you still placing an importance on using Facebook for business page tab apps? Share your favorites in the comments below


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