Four Fundamental Business Strategies for Your Facebook Fan Page

Want to hear a social media marketing secret?  There really is no secret when it comes to creating and managing a successful Facebook for business page.  In fact, you most likely are practicing successful social networking strategies right now in your offline business.  Here’s four fundamental business strategies and how you can apply them to create a successful, thriving Facebook fan page.

Create Value

The most successful brands create and deliver value.  These businesses address a need and solve a problem for their customers.  Social media is no different.  If you want to have a thriving Facebook for business page, then you need to curate or create valuable content for your social community.  Your sales pitches should be far and few between.  Give your fans something of value and they’ll reward your business in return.

Consistency is Key

Successful businesses, no matter the product or service they deliver, understand the need for consistency in everything they do including sales, customer service, product/service quality, and marketing.  Successful Facebook business pages must follow the same principle when it comes to posting content.  If your brand’s posting strategy is inconsistent – posting in bunches and then disappearing for weeks – then your Facebook Edgerank is damaged and your posts no longer show up in your fans’ News Feeds.

Customer is King

Do you address customer service issues with snide comments, by yelling at customers or ignoring complaints all together?  Do not treat your customers any different on your Facebook for business page than you would when they come to your physical location with a complaint or problem with your product/service.  Living by the “customer is always right” standard and following the basic principles of customer service on your social media channels will create big victories for your business.

Corner the Market

Understanding your target audience and finding creative ways to stand out with this target market is the driving force behind the success of your business offline.  Use this same principle with your online social marketing strategy.  Pay close attention to how your audience participates on your Facebook fan page and on other business pages that are competing for their attention.  Use your Facebook Insights data to create social strategies that connect and engage with your audience.  Remember, you can’t corner the market if you business is not showing up in your fans’ News Feeds.

If you follow sound business principles offline and carry those principles online to with your social media marketing strategies, then you’ll find that success comes to your Facebook for business page much easier.  Here’s five more tips to fine tune your Facebook fan page.  Have any tips to share?  We’d love to read them in our comment section below.


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