Forget Facebook Reach for Fans and Focus on Strategies to Reach Non-Fans

Fishing for fans

Stop worrying about Facebook reach and how many of your Facebook fans see your content.  Instead, your business should focus on Facebook social marketing tactics which will put your content in front of more of your non-fans.  Our latest social media blog post will show you how.

Better Understanding

Having problems understanding Facebook organic reach and how the social network decides the percentage of fans who see your Facebook posts?  You are not alone.  However, since we want to show you more ways to reach non-fans, we’ll let Mari Smith tell you all you need to know about the ins and outs of organic reach on Facebook.

Public Viewing

What is the most obvious way you can ensure your Facebook for business page posts are visible to non-fans?  It’s not to post cute viral animal photos (although viral photos – animal and non-animal – can help spread your content).  Start by making sure you select “public” as your post setting or you will end up limiting who can see your content.

Hot Topics

Does your social media for business strategy include piggybacking post content on trending news related to your brand?  Take notice of the Trending news section (upper right-hand column of your personal page) and try to work one of those trending topics in your content.  This strategy could land your brand’s post content in the heavily-viewed trending> stream and possibly deliver new Facebook fans.

Talking Tags

Speaking of piggybacking content, we’re going to piggyback on our previous tip.  When you do work a trending topic in your post content, make sure to use @ Tags to tag the person, business, topic, etc. that is trending.  As this Facebook blog post explains, this often puts your content in front of a wider audience – one which the social network feels may be interested in your post topic.

Very Inviting

Will your business be participating in any events in the near future?  Whether it is a special sale at your physical location or a weekend event with numerous business participants, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not use the Facebook event feature to invite fans, answer questions and post updates.  When you post your event on the social network, you plant the seed for viral growth and increase non-fan visibility.

Don’t Forget

With all of this talk about reaching an audience outside of your fans, let’s not forget about one of the most vital parts of any social media marketing content strategy.  No matter if your Facebook reach only puts your posts in front of 6% of your fans, make sure you pay attention to the type of content those fans engage with regularly.  After all, if you can turn a small number of fans into brand evangelists, then you can count on those fans sharing your posts far, wide and often.

Share your strategies for extending the reach of your Facebook post content to non-fans in our comments below.

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