Forget Desktop: Your Customers Love Their Mobile

When it comes to your business, the direction you want to go in, while a factor, isn’t what’ll determine your success. What will determine your success is your ability to meet your customers halfway between where you want to be and where they want to go. Some aspects are indisputable, however; you don’t get a say. If your customers are going in one of these ways, you simply have to go with them. An example of this is mobile internet. It’s bigger than desktop internet use now and, as such, should form a big part of your marketing plan. Here’s how you do it.

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Create a Plan

There’s no way you can have one ‘catch all’ mobile marketing strategy. You need to have a plan of action, a target that can be measured. You might use mobile marketing to get repeat business from your existing customers, try to get new business by sending out special offers, or use it as way to offer customer support and gather feedback. Whatever it is, you should have a strategy to collect and analyse this information, to ensure you’re meeting your objective.

Mobile Friendly

Smartphone users are famously impatient. If they go to a website, via their phone, and it takes too long to load and isn’t formatted for mobiles, then it’ll take only a matter of seconds before they’re hitting ‘x’ on your website and searching for one of your rivals. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile users because in all likelihood that’s where they’ll be coming from. That means building a mobile responsive website and making sure that there are no large files that’ll be too big to run efficiently on a smartphone.

Developing an App

Look up any medium to large business in the app stores, and you’ll see that they all have at least one application ready for download. For some reason, small business owners mistakenly believe that apps are expensive and not worth the money when the research shows that they really are worth the small outlay. If you’ve never developed an app before, take a read of ‘7 SDLC Phases: An Insider’s Guide to the Methods, Tools & More’ to ensure that everything goes to plan. Once it’s launched, you’ll be able to develop deeper, long-lasting relationships with your customers. It’s an awesome way to market your business, and will also show that you’re forward thinking. Double win!

In Their Lives, But Not Invasively So

Everyone buries their heads in their phone; it would be nice if you were a part of that world. By encouraging people to engage with your social media pages via their mobile, you can make your company feel like a ‘natural’ part of their lives. You also have the option to market via SMS, which has shown to be remarkably effective. However, you should be careful with this, as you’ll quickly undo the good work if you spam them!

Leverage the power of mobile marketing, and you’ll be able to take your strategy to new heights.


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