Five Unforgivable Social Media Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Looking for social marketing tips to help grow your business?  Here’s something a little different.  Here are five unforgivable social media mistakes to avoid at all costs.  If you don’t heed our advice, then you’ll need more than a few social media marketing tips to get your business’s social strategy back on track.

Putting On Blinders

Ignoring the fact that social SEO is a major factor in your business’s online success is a mistake that will cost you online traffic, customers and profits.  Social SEO must be a vital part of any content marketing strategy if you hope to rank high in any of the major search engines and get found in organic searches.  Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter: These social networks – along with others – must be included in any social media SEO strategy.

Can’t Buy Love

Never – never ever – find yourself so desperate to grow your business’s social marketing footprint that you end up buying social network fans and followers.  It is not just the fact that many of these will be fake accounts, or real, but worthless to your business.  Your earned social community and real customers will likely see right through this ruse and will lose faith in your reputation as a business and brand.

All or Nothing

Are you focusing your entire social marketing strategy on one, single social network?  Not only could something go really wrong (i.e. Facebook site-wide outage), but your business will also be missing out on connecting with much of its target audience.  While it is not a good idea to spread yourself too thin, your business should implement a strategy that takes advantage of multiple social channels and social apps.

Two-Way Street

Stop talking at your social community.  In no way are we saying that you should stop posting on your Facebook for business page or tweeting to your Twitter followers.  Instead, you need to shift your posting strategy from “talking to” your audience to “talking with” your audience.  Including your social community in the conversation is a sure-fire way to create an engaged audience.

One-Track Mind

Failing to keep up with the ever-changing social network landscape and continuing to do the same thing – even if it is working right now – without making adjustments is a recipe for disaster.  Case in point – Facebook recently updated is algorithm and most users are showing less Reach on certain types of posts.  These posting strategies were working in the past, but are now not performing as well as other types of posts.  If business owners continue to focus only on past social marketing success, they will soon find themselves a social media failure.

Have you ever made or seen a business making a huge social media marketing mistake?  Please share in our comments section below.

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