Five Social Media Tools to Add to Your Business’s Social Marketing Toolbox

What’s new with social media management tools and mobile apps for social marketing?  We recently set out on an adventure across the World Wide Web to find some of the cool, new tools for social media marketing.  Here are some of the latest additions to the world of social networking that we discovered. 

Analyse This

Does your business place an emphasis on social media analytics?  If part of your social marketing strategy is your Twitter for business account, then you should take a long look at using the Twitter analytic tool Twitonomoy.  Take some time to read this informative Social Media Examiner article on Twitonomy and you’ll understand exactly why.

Photo Fun

From Instagram to Pinterest and even a design makeover on Twitter with images gaining more emphasis, photos are an integral aspect of any social media for business marketing plan.  We recently ran across a cool new mobile app for creating photo collages.  Fuzel is an iPhone app which gives businesses and its fans a fun tool for creating collages from their images and then sharing those collages across social networks like Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook (Friend tagging also for Facebook).

Eyes Wide Open

Monitoring the social conversation around your business is important not only for social media purposes but also for protecting your company’s online reputation.  SocialForce helps you monitor content across a wide-variety of online locations like Google+, blogs, YouTube, message boards, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and many others.  According to AllFacebook, “SocialForce allows users to monitor social conversation volume, analyze sentiment, and identify trends for brands and competitors, and to formulate plans of action based on that information, with all analytics presented in a visual dashboard.”

Phone It In

Are you a fan of using Google Hangouts for your business’s conferences, customer service, training seminars or other uses?  The UberConference app allows you to call into Google Hangouts using your phone.  Much like UberConference’s service using your computer, this new app is loaded with great features (call recording, document sharing, free conference calls, HD audio, etc.) while giving you the freedom to use your smartphone to host or participate in a Google Hangout.

Smaller In Size

Have you often wanted to create a social conversation around a topic while shutting out all the other noise on social media?  That is the premise of Hibe.  This cool new service just launched a website and Facebook application which allows users to create micro social networks on top of social networks like Facebook to discuss a single topic of interest, share videos and photos, comment, and participate around that topic in the same way they do on traditional social networks.

Does your business have a go-to social media marketing tool?  Please share with our readers in the comments below.





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