Five Pinterest Power Tips for Your Business’s 2014 Social Marketing Strategy

Don’t read this Pinterest for business blog post unless you want to give your social media marketing with Pinterest a big boost.  Often, business owners can get too comfortable with their day to day social network strategy.  The five Pinterest tips below will help your brand turbocharge its Pinterest for business strategy, increase its follower numbers and deliver more value to its customers and prospects.

Get Moving

Want to give some new life to your Pinterest for business pins?  Start posting fun, eye-catching Gifs to your Pinterest Boards.  In 2014, the social network provided the ability to move beyond static images and they were even nice enough to share some examples of Pinterest Gif Pins to get your creative juices flowing.

Height Matters

No matter if it is getting more retweets on your Twitter for business content or more shares, likes and comments on your Facebook for business page, brands are always looking for the best ways to get more engagement from followers and fans.  When it comes to Pinterest repins, it seems that height matters.  Multiple studies of the social network show that taller images are repinned more often than shorter images.

More is Better

Have you often wished your business could share more information than what is achieved with an image pinned to Pinterest?  Well, following the belief that more is better, businesses now have the option to share Pinterest Rich Pins.  Here’s a great article on Rich Pins which shares how they can benefit your business and the value they provide your Pinterest followers.

Time is Money

Saving time – which translates to saving money – on your social media for business daily actions is essential to every business.  Browser add-ons and extensions offer brands tools to maximise their ROI as it pertains to the time requirements of delivering engaging, valuable social network content.  The Google Chrome Pin It Button and Firefox Add-on PinImage allow you to pin images on the fly directly from your web browser helping you share valuable photos and saving you time and money.

On the Go

Are you neglecting a large portion of your Pinterest followers and others looking to pin your product images from your business blog or website?  Don’t forget about your growing target audience who access your online content via mobile devices.  Make sure your blog, website and online images are optimised for mobile users and don’t rely only on those hover “Pin It” buttons as mobile phone users don’t have a mouse to hover above images.

What Pinterest for business tips are you implementing in your 2014 social media marketing strategy?  Please share yours in the comments below.





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