Five Must-Read Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Searching for small business Twitter tips to help grow your brand’s reach and Twitter followers?  If you answered yes, then these five social media tips are a must-read.  From using the social network for customer service to creative ways to connect with mobile users, our latest social marketing blog post has you covered.

Drip Effect

Are you becoming frustrated with your social media for business marketing with Twitter because your follower growth seems to have plateaued?  Well, you’ve probably heard how a constant dripping of a small drop of water can eventually work its way completely through a solid stone.  Our first tip is to practice persistence because consistency in sharing valuable information is the only way you will reach new heights and see your ROI skyrocket.

Helping Hand

Small business owners are always looking to cut costs.  One of the best Twitter tips we can share is to use this micro-blogging social network to reduce the time and effort put into your business’s customer service.  Here’s a great social marketing article sharing how brands are using Twitter for customer service and how they are benefiting from doing it right.

Work and Play

Does your small business have a personality?  Don’t think of your social media content strategy as an “all work and no play” part of your business.  This third small business social marketing tip is to find some balance between work and play, have a little fun with your social network content and share your business’s personality with your followers and customers.

Advantageous Advice

One for the most powerful uses of Twitter for small businesses is to find and connect with individuals who need exactly what you offer.  For this next tip, we want you to begin using the Twitter search function or a third-party social media tool like Hootsuite to find those individuals and offer assistance.  Example:  An auto mechanic sees a tweet from someone in their local area asking about an auto issue and this smart business owner takes the step to introduce herself/himself and offer helpful advice to that individual.

Game of Tag

Has your Facebook for business mobile marketing strategy included having your customers check-in, take a photo and tag their Facebook friends?  If so, then you’ll be glad to know that Twitter photo tagging is now available.  Our final tip is to take advantage of this new mobile feature by creating promotions and offers which involve your customers taking photos while at your business or using your product/service, and then asking them tag their Twitter followers in that photo.

Do you have small business Twitter tips to share?  Please share your social marketing tips in the comments below.


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