Five Google+ Tools to Help Your Google Plus Social Marketing Efforts

Are you looking for Google Plus tools to take your Google+ social media efforts to the next level?  Perhaps your business needs a few new widgets or apps to help make your social marketing efforts with Google’s social network more effective and efficient.  We’re going to share five Google+ tools that we know your business and social media manager will love.

Free for All

If you are like most business owners we know, then you are always looking for ways to save money and increase your bottom line.  Many social media managers use the reporting tool Simply Measured for their Facebook for business and Twitter for business accounts.  What you may not know is that the company offers a free reports for Google+ Pages which can help you identify strategies for increasing your Google Plus ROI by analysing critical social media metrics.


Do you find yourself short for time when it comes to sharing social marketing content across a variety of social networks?  If your business uses the tool Friends+Me, then you can auto-sync your Google+ business page content to other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr.  Friends+Me offers a variety of cool features like scheduling updates to go out at different times, selectively publishing content to specific social networks by using hashtags, including Twitter inline images and more.

Complete the Circle

Improving your business’s Google+ performance and ROI are two very important reasons why we want you to think about adding CircleCount to your brand’s social marketing strategy.  This free tool tracks your Google+ Circles and provides important insights into your profile and followers, post performance, and engagement and interactions.  To learn more about this Google Plus tool, we highly recommend this CircleCount article on Social Media Today.

A Big Plus

Are you a fan of Klout?  There is a similar tool for Google+ called PlusClout.  This social media ranking tool will help you find the influencers and experts in your industry which will save you time and help you find content, connect and network with the Google Plus users with the most influence and followers.

Extra Credit

Don’t you appreciate and like to work with companies that over deliver on a promise?  Well, we promised you five Google+ tools to help your Google Plus social marketing efforts, but we are going to go well beyond five.  In Jeff Bullas’ blog post, you will find 10 top Google Plus tools to add to our list (actually he repeats 2 or 3 mentioned in our post) of tools to help manage your Google+ business page.

Have a favourite tool for managing your social media efforts with Google Plus?  Please share yours in our comments.



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