Five Fantastic Tactics to Beat Facebook’s Algorithm and Increase Organic Reach

Have your Facebook for business posts seen a dramatic decline in organic reach lately.  If you follow the latest trends in social media marketing, then you know that your brand is not alone in seeing its Facebook Reach numbers declining.  The social network has already let it be known that Facebook Page admins should expect to see their posts are reaching less fans than before.  To keep your from abandoning this social channel and running off to Google+ or Twitter, we’re going to share five tactics to beat the Facebook Algorithm and improve the organic Reach of your posts. 

Share Everywhere

Are you using a blog or email newsletter as part of your content marketing strategy?  Use these sources to share Facebook posts with your readers.  Embedding Facebook posts in your blogs and linking to posts from your email newsletter extends the reach of your posts and offers the opportunity for more fans to engage with those posts.


One tactic that is working for many social media marketers and the Facebook Pages that they manage is to post multiple photos instead of just one.  While this tactic may not work forever, it is showing promise in not only increasing organic Reach, but also as a way to increase Engagement.  And as we learned when Story Bumping was first introduced, posts which receive more Engagement are bumped back in your fans’ Newsfeeds which – once again – increases Reach.

Timing is Everything

Do you know when your fans are online using and interacting with your brand on Facebook?  There is no excuse if you do not as the data is in your Facebook Insights (Insights > Posts > When Your Fans are Online). Check this information regularly and schedule your posts when your fans are most likely to see your content.

Missing Link

Facebook Product Manager Chris Turitzin recently put businesses on notice when it came to sharing Status Posts and Link Posts on the social network.  Status Posts will see a lower organic Reach while correctly optimised Link Posts will see a higher organic Reach.  Take advantage of this by including the image preview in your Link Posts and making sure the image preview is optimised to the correct dimensions.

Don’t Ask

What’s the last social media marketing tactic to beat Facebook’s algorithm that we want to share today?  Stop asking for Likes, Shares and Comments in the copy of your Facebook Posts.  This sets off warning signals and sends your Reach numbers on a downward spiral.  Instead, think of ways to get around this by using alternate wording such as “pass along” or create an Instagram photo with a call to action in the image and share that photo to your Facebook fans.

What tips or tactics do you have for beating the Facebook algorithm?  Please share yours in our comment section.

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