Five Facebook Resolutions for Your Social Media Strategy in 2014

Is your business’s social media strategy set for 2014?  Have you resolved to finally plan and execute a social marketing strategy in the upcoming year?  As we are in our usually helpful mode here at Socialface, we’d like to share five Facebook resolutions for 2014 to get you on the right path.

Driven by Data

Do you adjust your Facebook for business strategy regularly, or does your business just blindly move along sticking to the course it set at the beginning of the year?  With the wealth of Facebook analytics data at your disposal, you should make it a point to review your Facebook Insights regularly in 2014.  And more importantly, you should take that information and use it to adjust your social marketing strategy on a regular basis.

Reviewing Reach

In an effort to ensure your brand is reaching a larger majority of your audience, your brand should resolve to begin 2014 by publishing posts that link to informative, newsworthy content.  Why are we telling you this?  Well, because this is what Facebook says they want from its users and they’ve demonstrated that in the latest Facebook News Feed algorithm.

Pay to Play

Have you tested the Facebook advertising waters yet?  In 2014, take the time to plan and execute a Facebook ads campaign.  Use your marketing budget to help sell a product, collect more email addresses, promote an event, or to drive more visitors to your blog.  Perform some A/B testing, review your results, toss out what doesn’t work and amplify what did work in future Facebook advertising campaigns.

Consistency is Key

Do you find yourself forgetting to post regularly due to lack of planning and being so busy running your business.  Make 2014 the year your business creates an editorial calendar for its social network content from Facebook (and Twitter, LInkedIn, etc.) and also begins scheduling posts ahead of time using Facebook’s scheduling tool or a third-party social media tool.  The time you put into planning and scheduling will save you time in the long run and help your business post quality content consistently. Keep in mind scheduled and third party posts, lack the reach and engagement of a human posted post.

On the Go

How many of your customers use a smartphone or tablet on a regular basis?  Mobile marketing with social media is no longer a “maybe” when it comes to reaching your target market.  Your business’s list of resolutions must include Facebook mobile marketing ideas and strategies for 2014 and beyond.  If you don’t capture this growing mobile market segment, your competition will gladly do it for you.

What Facebook for business strategies, actions or tools are part of your business’s 2014 plans?  Share your ideas, tips, successes in the comments section below.


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