Fire Up Your Facebook Fans with These Five Photo Posting Tips

Focusing on your Facebook for business photo posting strategy can give your business an edge on your competition.  While it’s true that many brands post photos as part of their social media marketing strategy, most of these businesses do not follow any “best practices” for photo updates to their Facebook business page.  Follow our tips and you’ll see the viral reach of your photos soar above and beyond your competition.

Jump on the Bandwagon

The impact of photos on Facebook engagement is tremendous and the impact of piggybacking on current events and breaking news peaks the interest of your fans.  With that being said, why are you not combining the two?  Get creative with your photo posts and find a way to insert your brand into what is trending at the moment.


One of our favorite ways to increase engagement with photos on Facebook for business pages is an oldie but still a goodie.  Instead of uploading one photo at a time, post four or more images.  Your fans will see a larger photo with smaller thumbnails in their newsfeed which encourages them to click your post to see all the photos in their full-size glory.

The Best Medicine

This tip seems obvious but many brands forget about it.  People like to laugh.  Laughter produces endorphins which makes us feel better.  More importantly, when your Facebook photo post is funny, you’re fans are more likely to share it with their Facebook friends.

Give it Away

Want to really release some endorphins for your fans?  Give them a something for free or at a reduced cost.  Use your photos to post giveaways or coupons for your products or services.  And don’t worry, non-advertising photos in your newsfeed with text will not violate Facebook’s 20% rule.

Tag, You’re It!

Engagement aside, there is one more huge social media marketing reason why you need to pay attention to your Facebook business page photo posts.  That one big thing is Facebook Graph Search.  Make sure to tag your photos with business location information, names of employees and even customers in the photo (if they agree – or you can ask them to tag themselves).  All of these actions – including using location-based keywords in your descriptions – will give you a big Graph Search boost.

We could go on and on with an almost, never-ending list of photo tips to increase your engagement on this social network.  Maybe we’ll do another blog post in the near future.  But until then, we’ll leave the floor open to debate.

What are your favorite Facebook for business photo posting strategies that your company has used in the past?  Please share in the comments below.


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