Five Facebook Apps for Business Owners Looking to Increase Social Media ROI

Looking for Facebook Apps for Business Pages to engage visitors, capture contact information, share valuable company content or other important business objectives?  The following five apps for your Facebook Page are a great place to start.  As we can not share all of the best Facebook Apps for Business Pages in this social media marketing blog post, we ask our readers to share their favorites in the comments below.

Self Sufficient

If you are a business owner who likes to be hands-on or you have a creative employee acting as your social marketing manager, then the Static HTML Facebook App is a must.  This app allows you to create custom iframe tabs for your Facebook Page.  Customise email opt-in forms, ecommerce tabs, coupons and much more to enhance your Facebook for business strategy.

Moving Pictures

Does your business use YouTube as a key part of its social media for business plan?  If you are following YouTube marketing best practices and want to ensure your video content is distributed everywhere possible, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to share your YouTube videos on Facebook.  And of course, there is a YouTube Facebook App for that.

Point of Purchase

Many social media marketers will tell you that sales pitches and social networks do not mix.  While that is true as it pertains to social network posts, businesses selling products online will definitely want to add an E-commerce app to allowing visitors to purchase directly from a Facebook Page.  Ecwid offers easy set-up, syncs with your main store, supports multiple payment methods and has 41 storefront translations for your international customers.

Directing Traffic

Are you using your business blog as your content marketing hub?  Don’t miss the opportunity to drive your Facebook fans not only from your News Feed Posts, but also from a dedicated Facebook App for blogs.  NetworkedBlogs publishes your blog posts to Facebook automatically and helps you drive that all-important traffic to your company website.

Talk to Me

Smart businesses use social media as a key component of their customer service support system.  While replying to a Facebook Post or answering a question left in your Facebook Message Inbox is an excellent way to help your customers, nothing beats a live one-on-one conversation.  The LiveChat Facebook App for business allows you to provide customer service and instant customer gratification by participating in a one-on-one live chat session.

Have any Facebook Apps that you would like to share?  Please use the comments below to tell us about your favorite Facebook for business apps.

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