Five Facebook Ads Tips to Drive Real Business Results in 2015

Five Facebook Ads Tips to Drive Real Business Results in 2015

Is your Facebook Ad strategy in place for 2015?  Is your business ready for a reduced Facebook organic reach in the new year?  Here are five Facebook advertising tips to add to your social media strategy in order to see real business results in 2015.

Facebook Drives Sales

The new Facebook algorithm update is sure to pack a punch when it comes to reducing organic reach on the social network.  Instead of fretting over this setback, your business can focus its energy on using paid social marketing to drive real results to your bottom line.  And according to one social media marketing report Facebook is the social network that will drive the most sales to your business, so follow our tips below to make the most of Facebook Ads.

Combine Email and Ads

How do you use your customer email lists in your marketing efforts?  Well, if you want to create highly-targeted audiences, your business should combine its email lists with Facebook ads.  Use your email marketing lists to create custom audiences (buyers of specific products, multiple-purchase customers, etc.) and target specific ads to those audiences.

Facebook Offers

If you own a business with a physical location, then you should be creating Facebook Offers and using Facebook Ads to promote those offers to your fans and friends of fans.  A sure-fire way to create an offer that will bring in business is to actually ask your Facebook fans what type of offers they would redeem.  Then, to take your promotion to the next level, have your customers check-in on Facebook when they claim the offer to be entered into a random drawing.

Split-Testing Ads

We know you’ve heard plenty about split testing when it comes to our content marketing and social media for business strategies.  We’re reminding you again because we know the majority of businesses do not split test.  To see real business results with Facebook Ads, you need to split-test ads (images, content, audiences, etc.), so don’t put it off any longer.

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Are you measuring social advertising outcomes to improve your ROI?  It’s really not as hard as you might think.  You can easily add a Facebook conversion pixel to track sales, email sign-ups, downloads or any other action you want to track to improve your social marketing efforts.

Hire an Expert

Chances are your business will hire an advertising and marketing professional to help grow your customer base and drive sales in 2015.  Why not do the same with your social network advertising.  A social media expert can save you time and money while improving your ROI on your Facebook Ads.

Please share – in our comments below – your tips and successes using Facebook Ads.

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