Five Fabulous Ideas for Creating the Perfect Christmas Social Media Campaign

Christmas is an excellent time of year to push your social media marketing strategy forward.  As the holidays approach, shopping ensues and workdays become more leisurely; your customers will be using social networks more and more to connect with friends, families and businesses.  We’ve put together a quick holiday season guide giving your business a few tips for how to use social marketing to increase sales and connect with customers over the Christmas holiday season.

Stocking Stuffers

Stuff your Facebook for business page, Twitter account, Pinterest boards and other social networks full of value.  That is what your customers want, and that is what will get your social community talking.  Share discounts, special offers and valuable holiday shopping tips and advice to your fans and followers to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

Secret Santa

Does your business have a presence on Pinterest?  Ramp up your user activity on the photo-sharing social network by reminding your social community of Pinterest’s secret boards feature.  Your customers can create boards full of wonderful gift ideas from your business and hide those gifts away from the prying eyes of family, friends and co-workers.

Giving Gifts

The Christmas season isn’t just about giving gifts.  It is also about giving back.  Create a cause-related social campaign for your Facebook for business page that supports one of your favorite charities.  There are many useful Facebook apps to help with this or you can partner directly with a charitable organisation to come up with your own social campaign.

Santa’s Little Helper

If you read our blog regularly, you’ve most likely seen posts discussing the use of your social media channels for customer service.  The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to let your virtual customer service elves out of Santa’s workshop to create goodwill amongst your customers.  Promote your Twitter account and Facebook for business page as the quickest and easiest way to get help and answers to questions.  Not only will this cut customer service costs, but you will also generate social stories of generosity, going the extra step, and fast, helpful service among your social network community.

Gift Box

No matter what you do for your Christmas social media marketing, there are always tried and true ways to engage your social community.  If you’re having trouble thinking outside the box and coming up with holiday-themed ideas, maybe you should just stay inside the box.  Take a look at these five social campaigns – based on social networking engagement basics – and see if they help spark a new holiday-themed social marketing idea.

 Is your business ready for the Christmas season?  Have you seen any holiday-themed social media campaigns that really stood out as creative and engaging?  Please share them with our readers in the comments below.


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