Five Extraordinary and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

Tired of reading the same social marketing tips on social media websites around the Web?  Here’s five extraordinary and amazingly effective tips for social media marketing that deliver results almost immediately.  Strap yourself in and get ready to grow your business’s social networking efforts!

Instant Instagram Upgrade

Does your business have a large, active following on Pinterest but is still struggling to grow your Instagram for business account?  If you use an online Instagram tool like Statigram or Webstagram along with a Pinterest Pin web browser plugin, then you can easily pin your Instagram photos to the board of your choice and add a description.  Now, your brand’s Pinterest followers can view your Instagram photos, click over to your account and start following you on Instagram.

B2B Best Practice

Here’s a hot tip for B2B businesses.  By following a few best practices, Slideshare could be delivering you leads and conversations at rates much higher than your other social networks.     Read this article on B2B social media marketing to learn how one company achieved a conversion rate of 25.32% (next closest social network was 6.25%) using Slideshare.

All-Inclusive Tweets

Want a quick and easy trick for increasing the visibility of your Twitter for business tweets?  Always write a few words before the @username (i.e. Thank you @name…) to ensure all followers of both accounts see your tweet.  If you start your tweet with @username, then only mutual followers of both accounts see the tweet.

Reach Out with Tags

Like many other business owners and social media managers, has your diminishing Facebook for business reach been driving you crazy?  Try this tip: Start tagging other Facebook Pages in your posts as those tagged posts could reach an entirely new audience.  The social network recently announced, “when a Page tags another Page, we may show the post to some of the people who like or follow the tagged Page.”

Control the Message

Are you using LinkedIn for business to network with fellow business owners and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry?  If so, then you need to stay on top of your LinkedIn Endorsements to ensure visitors to your profile are seeing the endorsements that matter most to your business success.  Go to Edit Profile, click “Edit” in your Skills & Expertise, then click Manage Endorsements and you can take control of how your LinkedIn Endorsements appear on your professional profile.

Have a social media marketing tip or two you would like to add?  Please use our comment section below to share.


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