Five Blogging for Business Tips to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing Strategy

Need tips to take your blogging for business strategy to the next level?  Have you hit a wall when it comes to blog content ideas and tips to grow your blog traffic?  In our latest post, we will share five blog strategies you can implement today to turbocharge your content marketing strategy.

Point of Emphasis

Did you start your blogging for business efforts with a bang but quickly lost your head of steam leaving your blog content strategy as an afterthought.  Our first tip is to make your blog a point of emphasis in your social media for business strategy once again.  You can do this by creating a content marketing editorial calendar, using your social networks to curate content and holding yourself or a team member accountable to create consistent valuable blog content.

Pin and Win

Most marketers agree that blogs fall into the category of social media marketing.  It is not only important to incorporate your blogging for business into your social media strategy, but your brand must also use your social networks to drive traffic back to your blog.  Our second tip is to focus your energy on growing your blog with Pinterest.

Professional Approach

Are you networking on LinkedIn to grow your business, establish yourself as an industry expert, and to form connections to help you find prospects and possible partnerships?  The business professional’s social network recently began rolling out a new tool which you can use to grow your business’s blog.  Our third tip is to take advantage of the new LinkedIn blogging platform to create quality content which then drives your readers back to your company’s official blog for further value.

Performance Review

When a product/service is not performing as you research data projected, does your business just sit back and watch it go down in flames?  Our fourth blogging tip is to give your blogging for business strategy an in-depth performance review.  Start this review by determining if your content strategy is in line with your business objectives and delivering the information your target audience is seeking.

Perfect Partners

Does your content marketing strategy include writing guest blog posts for well-respected, highly-trafficked blogs?  Our final tip for growing your blog is not guest blogging, but instead it is for your business to reach out to popular bloggers and seek their help in growing your brand awareness.  Here’s an excellent blog marketing article which offers creative ways to form partnerships with other blogging experts with large blog followings.

How have you jump-started your stagnant, low-performing blog?  Our readers would love to read your content marketing tips in the comments below.



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