Fine Tune Your Facebook for Business Page in Five Steps

Have you taken the time to stop the social media posts, take a deep breath and review your Facebook for business page recently?  Many of us get so caught up sharing engaging content, reviewing our Facebook Insights and counting our social network fans, that we ignore the little things on our business’s Timeline page that need our attention.  Here’s five steps you can take to fine tune your page in just a matter of minutes.

Don’t Make it Official

Go into your “Basic Information” settings right now and make sure the “Official Page” field is empty.  Many businesses are confused by this field and enter their company name into this space.  When you do that, you are telling Facebook that your business page is NOT the official page for your business.

Address the Issue

Are you using up all the social media real estate that is available to you in the “About” section of your Facebook for business page?  If – after you have entered important, keyword-focused content related to your business – there is still space available, don’t waste that space.  Go ahead and add in your website address to create a live link to your business website so fans can click directly over to your official website without having to take any extra steps..

Under the Covers

Does your Facebook cover photo comply with the social network’s latest guidelines?  You don’t have any calls to action, contact information or requests for visitors to “like” or “share” your page.  So, you should be good right?  Well, in case you haven’t heard, Facebook changed the cover photo rules again.  To comply with the latest terms of use, your Facebook for business cover photo must not include more than 20% text.

Not Just Appetizers

While we’re talking cover photos, glance just below yours and check out the boxes with thumbnail images.  Are you wasting this space by not displaying your most important apps?  Maximise the opportunity to showcase your most important apps (i.e. lead-capturing contact form, business blog, promotions, etc.) directly under your cover photo.  The majority of fans do not return to your page – they get your posts in the news feed – so your first chance to get their attention may be the only chance.

You are Here

The growth of social media users using mobile devices is staggering.  If your business has a physical location, then you need to make sure your address details are updated in your basic information.  You also need to claim your Facebook Place so your fans and potential fans can find you.  This also gives you the ability to let people check-in at your business and appear in Facebook Nearby results.

Want to share any other tips for fine-tuning a Facebook for business page?  Please leave yours in the comments below.


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