Find the Facebook for Business Posting Strategy Sweet Spot with these Tips

Social marketing strategies for your Facebook for business page must include a posting frequency plan.  If you fail to post often enough, then your business is not going to reach enough fans.  If your business posts too often, then your Facebook fans get annoyed, could begin hiding your posts and may even unlike your page.  Let’s take a look at a Facebook posting frequency 101.

By the Book

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an exact, tried and true guidebook for posting frequency?  That would be wonderful, but there is no such thing.  Every Facebook for business page is different and every fanbase is different.  Because there is no “by the book” posting frequency strategy, it is vital that you test, review Facebook analytics data, and test again.  Then you must repeat this on a monthly basis.

Churning Out Content

Whatever you do, please do not post for the sake of posting.  Don’t get caught thinking, “Gosh, we haven’t posted all of our required posts today.  Let’s grab some content and post it.”  If you’re going to post content that has no value to your fans, then just don’t post it.  No matter your Facebook posting frequency strategy, you overall posting strategy should begin and end with posting high-value, engaging content that your fans want to read and see.

Forget Me Not

On the flip side of the coin, you also do not want to ignore your Facebook for business page.  One of the key aspects of Facebook’s Edgerank is fan engagement.  If you are not posting consistently, then your fans do not have a chance to engage with your posts.  Once you do begin to post consistently, well many of your fans have forgotten about you because your posts are not showing up in their newsfeed.

Under the Hood

Your business must take a peek under the hood of your Facebook for business page on a regular basi.  Review your social network analytics to see how well your posts are performing.  If you see a lot of “unlikes” and your data trending downwards on “reach,” “ virality,”  “engaged users” and “talking about this”; then it is time to take a look at the frequency of your posts.

Posting frequency is one of the trickier aspects of any sound social media strategy.  Working with a professional, experienced social marketing agency can ensure you find the sweet spot when it comes to frequency of posts for your Facebook for business page.

Have any questions about posting or social networking?  Or a few tips you would lke to share with our readers?  Please share in the comments below.


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