Find a Facebook Posting Frequency that Fits Your Fans

Facebook posting frequency is a topic social marketing managers and business owners return to time and time again.  How many times a day should we post to maximise engagement?  Are we posting enough to keep our content visible in our Facebook Fan’s newsfeeds?  Will the quality of our content suffer if we post solely on a structured schedule?

For those of you who are interested in finding the perfect posting frequency to engage and attract Fans on Facebook, be forewarned that there is no black and white answer. Contrary to what some social media marketing “gurus” might try to sell you, there is no magic number that works for every Facebook Page.  The simple truth is that creating a successful social media posting strategy is both a science and an art that involves trial and error.

There are tips and there are tools to help you find a frequency that maximises  your content’s visibility and engagement.  We’ll share a few in this blog post.  But don’t expect us to give you a one-size-fits-all playbook for successful Facebook posting frequency.  Your Page’s social marketing manager or whoever is in charge of posting your content will need to test and watch how your Fans’ interact, engage and react to your posting frequency.

Four Tips to Help Facebook Page Owners Find a Good Posting Frequency

  • Start Your Posting Strategy with a Scatter Plot – Post at different frequencies over a week with similar quality content and pay attention to your Fans’ behavior.
  •  Post as Often as You Can without Annoying Fans – How can you tell if you are annoying your fans?  They will either tell you or you will notice a lot of Fans “Un-Liking” your page.
  • Wait Until the Previous Post Stops Getting Impressions Before Posting Again – Tools like Pagelever that analyze Facebook Insights can help you with this.  (Note – Facebook insights have just launched which is great for marketing people to see at a glance the types of posts and time of day that gets the best response.)
  • Use the Average Engagement Lifetime of You Posts to Determine Posting Strategy – This comes from an interesting article on Tech Crunch discussing a recent Facebook posting frequency study performed by the folks at EdgeRank.  Their research showed that the average engagement lifetime of the Pages they studied was 3 hours and 7 minutes.  They also made it clear that, while this is a good benchmark, each Facebook Page should do their own testing and measuring before deciding on a strategy.

No matter what your testing tells you, Page owners and Facebook marketing managers must take into account their business’ market segment, their content and their Fans’ expectations when developing a posting frequency strategy.  If your business is a news outlet, you should post more often than the local coffee shop.  Secondly, no matter what your testing and numbers reflect, you should never sacrifice the quality of content for quantity.  And finally, always listen to your Facebook Fans.  If they want more engaging content more frequently, give it to them.  If they demand less, listen to them.

Do Tell…

Are you more likely to unlike a page or hide it from your news feed it the posts are too frequent?

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