Facebook To-Do list

A Facebook To-Do List for Businesses

Did you know that, as of March 2012, there were 835 million Facebook users?  At this same time last year, there were 644 million users.  But remember, this is more than just a big number.  For businesses, this is an enormous marketing and sales opportunity.  Creating a Facebook Page is only one step towards taking advantage of this ready-made social media marketing audience.  Below you’ll find a few tips to make sure you maximize your marketing presence on this popular social media channel.

First Impressions are Important

At the end of March, all business pages changed over to the Facebook Timeline layout.  Unfortunately, many business owners either did not get the notice or have not updated their fan page.  Don’t get caught up in paralysis by analysis when it comes to Timeline.  Focus on the basics and start with the look and feel of your page.  Create a compelling Facebook Timeline cover photo and focus on putting important apps front and center.  Then make sure to review your posts and delete anything you want from Timeline.  A first impression is often the only impression you get to make with Facebook users.

Go the Extra Mile for Engagement

A key metric with social media marketing is engagement (comments, shares, and Likes).  Your business will quickly disappear from your fans’ News Stream without engaging posts.  Focus on asking questions and offering interesting content to your fans.  But to really encourage engagement, take advantage of photos and videos.  And if you want your Facebook fans to share, comment and like your posts; just ask them to do so!

Consistency is Key

Update your fan page consistently.  As a business owner, it is easy to become distracted and lose sight of your social marketing campaigns. When this happens, your Facebook Page’s popularity and following will decline quickly.  Like an exercise program, the key to success is consistency.  Use an editorial calendar to set a schedule for posting and set aside time daily to update and monitor your fan page.

Create Other Connections

Take advantage of other social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your Facebook Page.  Share relevant information across these channels to create a consistent marketing message and to drive your audience back to your fan page.  Remember, each social media marketing channel has its own rules of etiquette (i.e. Twitter hashtags).  Follow those rules and don’t auto-post the same content and content style across every social marketing channel or your fans and followers will flock elsewhere.

Participate Actively in Conversations

Don’t sit on the sidelines when it comes to your Facebook fan page.  Participate in the conversation.  Respond to your fans’ questions and thank them for their commenting, liking or sharing your posts.  As mentioned above, set aside time each day to monitor your page and respond to your fans.  Or if you want to be more proactive, set up email alerts to notify you when someone comments on your posts.  Participating regularly allows you to control your marketing message.

Does your business have a Facebook to-do list or social media marketing game plan?  Please take the time to share some tips with our readers.



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