Facebook Strikes Again with New Rules for Facebook Promotions and Contests

Has your business been running Facebook contests using a third-party app?  Well, that’s no longer a necessity due to the social network’s terms of use policy.  Facebook recently relaxed their rules and now allows businesses and Page admins to hold promotions and contests in their news feed.

Not Always Appropriate

Here’s some helpful advice for both your social media contest strategy and also good advice for life in general.  Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.  Depending on your Facebook for business contest goals and the prize(s) you are giving away, your business may still want to use a third-party app and not run the promotion in the news feed.  We’re going to help you make that decision with the advice below.

Complete Anarchy

While Facebook relaxed their contest rules, they didn’t wipe them out completely and create complete anarchy.  In order to run a contest in your Facebook Timeline, you’ll still need to abide by a few rules.  And so you understand clearly what you can or can not do, we recommend that you read the social network’s official announcement discussing how to administer promotions on Facebook.

Lead the Way

One of the positives of using a third-party app for running a contest on Facebook was that your business could capture contact information for further marketing.  If you run a Facebook promotion the news feed following the social network’s official rules, then you are unable to capture leads.  Whether or not you lead capturing is a part of you social media contest strategy is something you will need to decide.  We have a suggestion in the paragraph below.

Size Matters

Using third-party apps to run your social marketing promotions and giveaways is going to cost you time and money.  Our advice is to setup Facebook Timeline contests when the prize is not very valuable (i.e. a gift card or small prize).  When you offer a more valuable prize (i.e. an iPad), then your contestants are more likely to be willing to provide you with their contact information.  In that case, a third-party app for your contest is worth the effort.


If you do decide to run contests in your Facebook news feed, make sure you follow the new rules and use Facebook’s disclaimer.  Your business must also understand the legalities associated with running contests.  One of the best way to stay out of hot water is to always make sure your social media contest rules are clear to your participants.

What are your thoughts on Facebook contests?  Do you have a success story you would like to share?  Please do so in the comments below.

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