What would you do if facebook closed your account?

Seriously, what would you do?

I received an email from a client today who tried to log into her account today and got a message saying that “the email address you are using is not associated with this account”  We bounced a few idea’s around and I tried to log in on her behalf (just to confirm it wasn’t a U.S.E.R issue)  still no luck.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, the email that she uses to log into facebook was gone and so was her access.  We trawled back through emails and noted she stopped recieving notifications about new likes and page activity several weeks back….weird.

We think it may be that she added the same email to an existing account which has now deleted the newer one that she used for business.

This is why facebook business pages need more than one administrator.

Now her business is fine, she has socialface to love and look after her business social media, so lucky for her she did not lose the time or money investment that she had invested so far.

We’re big on risk management and security and had several access options to the facebook pages she uses for her businesses, she now has access again.  Guys, as a business owner, you need to have access to your accounts – period.

Here’s why YOU as the business owner should have access to your social media accounts:
  1. So you can access your pages, when you want to – potentially for reporting or to share something awesome.
  2. If your office admin or social media manager loses their marbles and it’s potentially brand damaging, you have the access to remove them at your will.
  3. So you are not being held hostage by a company and unable to access or post to your page – this is another challenge we are working through this week with a potential client.  There is no value to your business when you have a social media liability on your hands that you can not control.  If you are working with an agency remember to ensure you always maintain control and access to your assets.
  4. If something happens to part of your social media team, mid campaign, someone can get into manage your community.
  5. If you see something that your brand may be liable for – because it’s posted on your wall, you can manage the situation immediately if required.  AKA the publicised smirnoff facebook ruling around inaccurate information being published on a facebook page.
  6. Because it’s your business and for pure security of your digital assets you should.  How would you feel if an unhappy ex-team member deleted your page or opened you up to a breach and you had no way to control that?  Seriously.

Now it’s a little scary and hairy when things like this happen, hopefully you’ve read this before it’s too late and can up your page risk management policies, so you never face the same potential challenge.

One last thing to note about the danger of your facebook page dissapearing, think of all the other sites that you access with facebook or twitter.  That brings on a whole new set of challenges, you could lose access to reporting tools, monitoring tools, blogs you like, forums, groups, stock image sites to start…

Let’s build a list – if you lost access to your facebook account right now, what other sites would you lose access too?



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