Facebook post targeting is here…almost

Great News! Facebook targeting is soon to be released to the general masses.

This is a fantastic resource for businesses who are targeting specific area’s and especially franchise chains operating their social media from a centralised location.

With the freedom to post only to those it matters too, this should see a greater increase in page engagement.

Right now you can target posts by location to ensure that you are not annoying your fans where the posts may be irrelevant.

It looks like this….


Coming soon we will all see an image like this one that techcrunch shared…

“Page Post Targeting Enhanced

Today, we will start rolling out an enhanced version of Page Post Targeting to a small percentage of Page Admins. Over the next few weeks, this will become available to all pages.  With this new feature, Pages can now target their posts to certain fans in the news feed who meet specific criteria such as age, gender, location, language, etc.

All content will still remain on the Page since this is the only way to allow friends of engaged fans who don’t meet the targeting criteria to see viral stories (i.e. David likes a post.. )”

While we mere masses can not see the full functionality outlined by Techcrunch on July 31st, it’s certainly a giant step for social media as a targeted marketing tool.

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