Redesigned Facebook News Feed Means Redesigning Your Social Media Strategy

Well, Facebook has done it again.  The social network has gone and changed things up by redesigning the Facebook News Feed.  And while we could spend a few hundred words here discussing the similarities to Google+, we’ll leave that chatter to the folks on Twitter and other social media sites.  Instead, we’d rather spend this time giving you some helpful tips to improve your Facebook for business page marketing strategy as it pertains to the updated News Feed.

Need to Know

First, let’s discuss the major points you should understand about the updated Facebook News Feed.  Our thoughts are in parentheses.  The social network giant delivered the news that the updated design will include larger photos (due to popularity of social image sharing), multiple feeds (giving users more control and advertisers more options) and mobile consistency (most likely because of the growing mobile audience).  Here’s an easy-to-read summary from Mashable discussing the  “Radically Redesigned News Feed.”

Image is Everything

If you haven’t figured it out by now, imagery (whether still or moving) is very popular with social network users and must be a very important part of your Facebook for business strategy.  With the updated News Feed, this is true now more than ever.  Make sure you cover photo and profile photos put forward an awesome brand impression, include stunning, story-telling visual content with your Facebook posts, and bring your brand to life with short, videos.  And don’t forget, there is now an entire feed devoted just to photos.  Did we mention images were important?

Numbers Game

With the introduction of multiple feeds, Facebook users now have more choices for receiving content.  Because of this, it may be time to take a second look at how often your brand is posting.  There will now be a “Following Feed” which shows social media posts from all the brands a user is following.  If you want to stay near the top of this chronologically-oriented feed, then you might need to increase the number of times you post each day.

Nothing Trumps Value

Posting valuable content is still a key objective for every business.  This valuable, engaging content that drives users to perform social actions like sharing, liking or commenting will ensure your posts have a better chance of making it to the main News Feed.  But here’s the kicker: Posts that are shared, liked and commented on will also give your business exposure in what’s surely to be the most popular feed – the “All Friends” feed.

Before We Go

Before we end this post and head out the door with smartphone in hand, do not fail to see just how important mobile social strategies are going to be from here forward.  The design itself was created based on the popularity of the Facebook mobile app.  Mobile strategies incorporating Facebook Nearby along with Facebook’s Graph Search must be a point of emphasis for your business.

What are your thoughts of the newly designed Facebook News Feed?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  We’d love to here from you!

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