Facebook Groups Can be Your Business’s Secret Social Media Weapon

Does your business use Facebook groups in its social marketing strategy?  If you are like most businesses using social media in Australia, and even globally, chances are you only use Facebook’s timeline to connect to your community of customers.  I’m going to show you how Facebook groups can benefit your business and give you an edge on your competition.

Always Innovating

Before we take a look at how groups can benefit your strategy when it comes to Facebook for business, let’s talk about some of the newest features the social network has rolled out or will be rolling out in the near future.  Like your timeline page, groups now allow you to upload a cover photo which lets you have a consistent brand marketing message across the social platform.  Facebook recently reinstated the ability to invite all members to  you events (more on this below) and – at the time of writing this post –  plans are in the works to introduce filesharingcapabilities for groups..

Care for Your Customers

Many brands utilise social media for customer service but not many use closed groups in Facebook as a way to address and solve customer service issues.  Closed groups are visible to all Facebook users but available by invite only.  This gives your business the ability to keep the focus and conversation on customer service only.  With closed groups, you can share product and service troubleshooting guides and FAQs, use the group to post known issues and quickly answer customer questions and posts in one, private, closed environment.

VIP Access Only

Your business can also create secret groups in Facebook which means that only members can see the group (remember, closed groups are visible to all Facebook members), see the posts and post in that group.  Your brand can use this as a special member’s only, VIP section where you can provide bonuses and specials.  Secretgroups are also useful for collaborating with a team as there is group chat, private email and a document collaboration feature.

Sold Out – Days in Advance

Many brands using Facebookforbusiness are under the impression they can use Facebook’s event app to create an event and invite all their fans.  Unfortunately, right now this is not the case.  If your brand hosts events, conferences or even wants to announce sales and new products, then an open group (one which anyone can see and join) allows you to notify all group members with event invites.  Your members can then help spread your event virally to their network by responding to your invites.

Share Your Success

These are just a few ways you can use Facebook groups with your business.  I’m sure you can think of many more creative ways to add groups to your social marketing strategy.  Have you used groups in Facebook with your brand?  Please share your tips or success stories in the comments below.



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