Facebook releases Graph Search

For years facebook has been sitting on one of the most detailed personal search platforms in the world, they know pretty much everything you tell it.

How much have you told facebook?

Most of us will share more than usual, because it’s easy.  A song you like pop’s up, we like it. A business or brand pop’s up, we like it. A friends photo, we like it. A restaurant or hotel, we like it. A great story or joke, we like it.  A quick look at my profile and there are over 1000 things that I like, seriously I couldn’t even write a list that long, but over the years there have been things that I found interesting that I’ve liked and that always has been available in some way for facebook to search and now it’s almost public.

Facebook invites you to trial the Graph search beta test

Since facebook listed, the focus really has been on a mission to monetize the platform, how can they make a free to use platform that changed the world, make enough money to keep up with the growth and demand?  We’ve seen changes to advertising, offers, promoted posts, sponsored stories and now THIS!

For one, I’m excited!  Used correctly this has potential to really shake up the world again, we now have the option to search a message in free text – just like google…

Who are my friends that are in Sydney right now?
Who’s free for a date tonight?
What hotels have my friends stayed at in London?
What restaurants have my friends eaten at it Melbourne?

This is exciting and poses not only a bunch of great opportunities in business, but also some serious threats.  If I were an online dating service I’d be watching this like a hawk….  doesn’t facebook already have all of the information that you would include in a dating profile at their finger tips?  Except it’s discreet and a whole other post.

Down to business….

Facebooks greatest innovation ever

Mashable wrote a great article that includes more detail into the sentiment of the search and also claims it could be facebooks greatest innovation ever, we agree.

They also spend some time on the potential grief it may bring to privacy issues.  A valid time to ensure your facebook privacy is tight and that your profile is only hosting things that you want people to know about you.

Imagine, your planning a trip and now everything you need to know is in facebook, well as much as we have shared anyway.

Tell us in the comments, what are you most excited to search for?



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