Facebook for Business Timeline Pages – Timely Tips Part Two

Facebook for business Timeline pages continue to confuse some brands.  Even those businesses that think they are utilising their timeline properly in their online social marketing strategy, may not be maximising their roi and getting the most from their social networking efforts.  In the first instalment of this guide to setting up your Timeline page, we discussed an interesting Facebook Timeline webcam eye-tracking study, cover photos, using Facebook apps and a few other important ideas for brands.  Let’s continue with the fun here.

Picture Perfect

Most of your brand’s fans will not return to your Timeline page and instead will only see your posts in their newsfeed.  Because your profile picture appears with your posts, you should make sure it represents your company perfectly.  I suggest you use an identifiable photo or company logo for your profile picture.

Pin to Win

The FacebookTimelineeye-tracking study we referenced in the first post mentioned that Facebook users’ view your Timeline content after your cover photo, apps, profile picture and even ads.  Lucky for you, there is a way to at least move your most important posts to the top of this content and to keep it there for up to seven days.  You can do this with Facebook’s “Pin” option.

Leave a Message

A nice feature of Timeline most social media management folks I know recommend to businesses is the message feature.  Brands can enable messages and – like personal profiles – people can send you a private message.  Obviously, in the world of social networks, you don’t want to use private messages exclusively when communicating with fans.  This can, however, be a useful tool for handling customer services issue or when a fan doesn’t want their question broadcasted out to all of Facebook.

What’s This About

Now that you can no longer put your contact information in your cover photo, you need to make sure to make the most of the “About” section just under your profile picture.  I recommend that you use some popular keywords in this section for SEO purposes.  Also, it is a good practice to have your website url in the visible area under the profile picture as well.

More on the Way

There are a multitude of other features that are important to understand and put to use with Timeline.  Some of these include: starring posts, hiding posts, creating milestones, backdating posts, allowing fans to post on your Timeline, asking for fan recommendations and more.  Make sure to review the official help page when gettingstartedwithFacebookpages for your business. 

That’s a Wrap

If you have any tips for using Facebook’s Timeline for business, please share in the comments below.  Did you miss part one of our tips for using Facebook for business Timeline pages and boosting your social media strategy?  You’ll find it here.


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