Facebook doesn’t have to suck up your time

Did you know that you can get back all of the time you spend on social media and still look amazing online without automating it?

Automating your posts can lead to a 70% deduction in engagement on your page.  Your clients are not stupid, everyone knows what the automated icon looks like and really can you blame them for not wanting to engage when they know there is no human on the other end?

People are freaking out!

It seems like every week brings a new platform, app or something else social that needs time and attention spent to see if it will work for your business.

Social Media is not a choice anymore

Your customers look at your business and subconsciously gauge how savvy and with it your are.  Are you ahead of the times enough to be good enough for your customers? We speak to hundreds of people each week about how to make social media work for their business.  With all of the professional red tape floating around some of the mid tier and big players are getting caught in the paralysis by analysis and have a severe case of the “What if’s”

The “What if’s” is a traumatising disease for businesses resulting in the standstill of embracing inbound marketing.

Some of the most questions we have in at socialface are:

  • How do we do this?
  • Which Platforms should we use?
  • (insert freakout – theres so much to learn! I just don’t see the point! )
  • Will the brand get hacked or damaged?
  • What happens if people hate on us like they did on Qantas and others – we don’t want to be like that
  • We don’t have a social presence yet, so we are safe right? (insert google search bringing up pages of unsolicited pages set up by staff and clients and genuine fans and haters)  “Oh yes you do – you just don’t control it.
  • We need an internal policy before we let our team on social media (hint – they are already on it and probably have a connection to your businesses listed somewhere where they work)

There are so many “What If’s” that if you wanted to be ahead of the curve and have them all answered you needed to start 5 years ago.

The good news, it’s not too late or too hard to take a leap.

With the creation and launch of the new inbound marketing space, comes a new breed of business specifically to hold your hand, walk you through it and even just do it for you. The big players now have full teams of social media and digital strategists.  These guys do not come cheap either – especially to secure someone with more than 2 years experience. There are no gurus, we are all learning, the landscape changes daily and sometimes twice or three times a day.  Social media for business is not an impossible game, it’s just about changing the rules and finding the best support people to work with along the way. Reality says that most SME’s may not need a full time social person and are now aware of how distracted the “lucky” person allocated with updating facebook has become. Socialface was created knowing that we could help more than one business at a time get a more effective result through their social media, and that most small businesses would appreciate a “timeshare” of a community manager, content manager, social strategist.

Do tell…

What would you do if you suddenly had an extra 10 hours a week to work on your business?


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