Facebook Contests – Your Business Could Be the Big Winner!

What’s the quickest way to gain fans for your Facebook for business page?  No, we’re not talking about paying someone to get your business 5,000 Likes – most of which are fake Facebook accounts anyway.  We’re talking about growing your social media fan base, adding to your email marketing list and gaining goodwill along the way with Facebook contests.

Big Winner or Big Loser

Social network contests can deliver big results for your Facebook for business page and help create a loyal following of brand evangelists.  These promotions can also deliver a big blow to your business.  When done incorrectly and not following Facebook’s contest rules, you can even have your contest – or worse yet – business page shut down.

Bring In Reinforcements

One of the best ways to avoid the worry of running a contest that violates the rules of Facebook is to use an approved contest app.  These apps offer many different types of contests (we’ll discuss two of these below), save you time and energy of creating a contest from scratch and – most importantly – come with Facebook’s stamp of approval.  Here’s a quick look at a variety of apps for running a successful Facebook contest.

Added Benefit

One of the easier-to-implement-contests on this social network is a sweepstakes campaign.  Your business will use the contest app to set up an invite to join the contest and then one winner will be chosen at the end of the promotion.  Here’s the added benefits: You can require your visitors to first like your Facebook page,  then enter their contact details into a form to finalise their entry, and finally give them the option to share your contest to their social media contacts in order to receive bonus entries.  You’ve now increased your business’s fans and added more leads to your marketing list.

Photo Finish

A second type of social marketing contest is a photo contest.  Once again, use an approved contest app to help you set up and run your promotion.  Come up with a fun, creative photo contest idea involving your brand and let your fans enter by sharing photo content.  Then, create more fan involvement by allowing them to vote on who should win.  These types of Facebook contests are very popular and very engaging with your social community.

Facebook contests and promotions are excellent ways to engage your Facebook for business fans and expand the reach of your brand.  Has your business used these types of promotions successfully?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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