Facebook Ads Give Businesses Another Social Media Marketing Tool

The landscape of social media changes rapidly.  Facebook ads are no different.  Every time I pull out my smartphone to read about Facebook for business and advertising on social media, it seems like the social network is offering some new, innovative advertising platform, disabling another or making adjustments to the way Facebook ads work.  I’m going to do my best to give you a quick overview of what’s new and what you can do to make the most of advertising on Facebook.  And by the time you read this, odds are that something new and amazing will be on the social horizon.

Search High and Low

Have you noticed anything different lately when you perform a search on Facebook in the “Search for people, places and things” box at the top of your Facebook web page?  There are a lot of advertisers out there that hope you do.  You see, Facebook search-based ads are now available for businesses to utilise as part of their social marketing strategy.  Here’s a great article to help you learn more about these SponsoredResultsadvertising.

Promote with a Purpose

Most businesses were surprised to find out that not all of their fans were seeing their posts in their newsfeeds.  The number that gets thrown around a lot is that only about 16% of your fans have your posts in their newsfeeds at a given time.  This is where promoted posts can help.  If you have a sale, a new product, a grand opening or a contest; promoted posts will give you a bigger bang for your buck and ensure you reach your fans.

Gain a Little Insight

Are you reaching your target demographics with your Facebook for business page?  Use Facebook Insights to find out exactly who is a fan and what kinds of fans are engaging with your page.  Is your business’s target demographic lagging behind other demographics?  Come up with a creative Facebook ad campaign that hypertargets the customers you need to bring into your social media community.

Exchange Desk

Australia’s most popular social network just started rolling out the Facebook Ad Exchange network and is already outperformingGoogle “in getting Web surfers to click on advertising based on browsing history.”  This new advertising option allows businesses to re-engage with consumers who have visited their website by having Facebook then target ads off of a cookie that is in the user’s browser.  If this sounds confusing, don’t worry.  You’ll have plenty of time to learn more as this is just a limited advertising option for certain brands right now.

Be Social

One of the best ways to ensure your social media ads will bring you the highest ROI is to create an advertising campaign that has social characteristics.  Advertising that keeps people on Facebook and has them people perform social actions (like, share, etc.) perform better than others.

Do you have any Facebook ads tips?  Do you like advertising on Facebook?  Please share your tips and thoughts in the comments below.


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