Expose Yourself to More Facebook Fans by Ditching Your Facebook Fan Page Obsession

The Fan Page Obsession
Many Brands have an obsession when it comes to their company fan page.  They spend time searching for and adding fancy apps to their page.  They pull their hair out making sure they have the perfect cover photo.  They worry about highlighting the right posts and pinning the perfect post to the top of their Timeline.  Should you be this obsessed when only 0.1%-0.5% of your fans visit your fan page?

First Impressions Do Count
I’m not going to sit here and say that your company page doesn’t matter.  It does.  Especially for those folks who first encounter your social media presence by landing on this page.  Remember, first impressions are important.  And yes, your Brand must put a good foot forward and impress those folks that end up on your Facebook fan page trying to decide whether or not to “Like” your Brand.

Lasting Impressions Matter
Instead of focusing your time and energy on your Fan Page, you are better off focusing your time and energy on your posting strategy.  You need to determine how often you will post and you need to focus on posting quality content that your fans will engage (share, like, comment).  Posting strategy is vital because some studies suggest that only 7.5% fans on average see a Facebook fan page’s posts.  So how do you create a lasting impression?

Expose Yourself with These Tips
Quality is the top factor for gaining more news feed exposure.  Create posts that push your fans towards a social action (i.e. sharing, commenting, liking).  Test different posting frequencies.  Most posts typically have a lifespan of around 3 hours.  Try posting four or five posts a day in intervals of 3 to 4 hours. Post with your demographics in mind.  When are different demographic groups that follow your Facebook page more likely to be checking their news feeds?  Always test, check out the results in Facebook Insights and focus your efforts on what works best.

Big Bang Bonus Tip
Want a social media marketing tip that’s going to give you a big bang for small effort?  Here’s something that many Brands just don’t think about.  What is the one thing – besides your business name – that everyone sees in their news feed?  That would be your profile picture.  This is your Brand in a nutshell.  Your image, your message, can be conveyed in each and every post no matter what content you share when you use the perfect profile picture.  So create a profile image that reflects your brand and packs a powerful promotional punch.

How does your Brand determine its posting strategy?  Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments below.  Want more tips for Facebook posts.  Read our post on how to “Find a Facebook Posting Frequency that Fits Your Fans.”


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