Engaging Your Business’s Fans with Events – What’s New with Facebook Events

Will you use the Facebook event feature in the near future as a part of your Facebook for business social media marketing strategy?  Here’s a hint:  “Yes” is the correct answer to this question.  Let’s look at some of the new features the social network has added and is testing to bring better results to businesses and brands using this function to engage with its audience.  And for good measure, we’ll even share a couple of tips to help you be more successful with Facebook events.

The Big Picture

We’ve preached the importance of visuals and the creative use of images when it comes to your business Facebook page.  Well, now you have another way to add some pop to your page and provide a branding image for your fans.  You now have the ability to add a large Facebook event cover photo that is specific to your event and different from your Facebook for business page’s cover photo.

Pass the Test

While it seems the new cover photos are here to stay, there are a few other event functionalities that some of you may have while others may not.  The social network is testing a “”Buy Tickets” link, a pop-up “Share” box, and a mobile event “Invite” button.  All of these features are an attempt by Facebook to find new ways to get more people to engage with your business’s events.  Keep you eyes out and let us know if you have any of these new functions.

Give and Receive

We promised tips for using Facebook events for your brand, so here’s two to get you started.  First, try giving your fans something in return for them coming to your event. Use a Facebook Offer to give attendees a discount on the event ticket price or a coupon to use at a grand opening or sale.  Not only will your fans take advantage of your offer, but they will also share your event and offer with their social media friends.

The Long Tail

This tip we wish to share with you will both promote your Facebook event and help give your business an edge with it comes to Facebook’s Graph Search feature.  Ask your fans in attendance to use their mobile devices to check-in at your event.  You could even create a contest out of this and choose one random fan who checks in as a winner.  This check-in shows up as a post in the Facebook news feed with a map graphic sharing the location of your event, and it also gives you some Facebook Nearby clout and Graph Search juice as well.

Have you had success with Facebook events for your business?  Please share your success stories and tips in the comments below.


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