Eliminate Your Fear of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates with the Following LinkedIn Tips

Looking for LinkedIn Sponsored Updates tips and best practices to help your B2B social media strategy?  You’ve come to the right social marketing blog.  After reading our latest blog post, your business will have the necessary knowledge to succeed with your sponsored updates on LinkedIn.

Prepare to Succeed

Do you spend time planning your offline marketing strategies before you start to implement those plans?  This may seem like a fairly obvious social media advertising tip, but we’d like to think of it more as a helpful reminder.  Before deciding to sponsor a LinkedIn update, spend time planning and thinking about which of your target market will respond best to the message you are spending money to showcase.

Target Practice

Speaking of target market, much like Facebook for business advertising, LinkedIn offers an extremely useful audience targeting tool.  Don’t just blast your message out to any group of LinkedIn members.  As you would in your offline marketing and sales, go straight to the decision-maker for the organisation to ensure your LinkedIn Sponsored Update budget isn’t wasted.

Double the Fun

Do you know exactly what message and targeting strategy will bring you the biggest return on investment when it comes to your paid LinkedIn company page update approach?  If so, then keep it up!  But if you are like most of us, then the best approach is to run some A/B testing with your LinkedIn sponsored company page updates to find paid social media strategies that achieve your desired results without draining your advertising budget.

Numbers Game

Want to know what is just as important as spending time in the planning stage for your LinkedIn Sponsored Update strategy?  Take the time to review your social media analytics while your LinkedIn advertising campaign is underway.  The social network for professionals offers a helpful assortment of insights data, so you can understand what your sponsored update is really achieving.

Cutting Costs

What business owner – small or large – doesn’t like saving money?  One way to save money on your social marketing advertising on LinkedIn is to just keep an eye on your email inbox.  If you get notifications from LinkedIn, then chances are you will probably receive an offer and a dollar amount credit to try LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

Helping Hand

Not sure if your business is ready to go it alone when it comes to creating a LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaign, and then putting that plan into action?  The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.  Here’s an interesting bit of news from the social network posted on the official LinkedIn company blog.

Please share your LinkedIn Sponsored Update tips and success stories with our readers in the comments below.


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