Drop Everything Right Now…Another Round of Social Media News is Here

Ready for your weekly dose of social media news with new social network features your business can start putting into action?  Below, we’ve got some juicy tidbits of information about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.  So if you are ready to increase your social marketing expertise, then pull up a chair and get started.

Get On Board

Have you been one of those Pinterest users pinning photos related to interesting places or vacations you are planning?  If so, then you might be partially responsible for the latest update to the photo-sharing social network.  Pinterest Place Pins are a new, cool feature that many businesses – especially local businesses – should take a long hard look at adding to their social marketing strategy.

Extra Credit

Here’s a little something extra for you Pinterest for business fans.  Now that the social network is opening up its service to outside developers, brands will soon have a multitude of cool new tools to incorporate Pinterest pins into their social media strategy.  One of these cool new widgets – trending products – allows eCommerce sites to pull data from Pinterest showcasing their most popular pinned products to consumers on their own websites.

Rumor Mill

Speaking of photo-sharing, it looks like the social mobile app Instagram will add a direct message feature sometime in 2014.  Are we social media marketing fortune tellers?  No, we just read an article on Mashable which quoted a source who shared this interesting tidbit of information – information which Instagram will not confirm.

Multiple Choice

In our last social media marketing news blog post, we mentioned that scheduling your Facebook for business posts was getting easier with an update to the Facebook Page post composer.  Well, it looks like that wasn’t the only new item up the social network’s sleeve.  Page admins will soon have the ability –  something personal profiles have had for a while – to upload multiple photos in posts.

Mobile Matters

Twitter rolled out new, shiny search features for mobile users recently.  With more and more social network users connecting on their mobile devices each day, it is no surprise the micro-blogging social media channel is focusing on mobile.  If you are using iOS or Android mobile software, then you will be happy to see a more user-friendly Twitter mobile search experience.

Language Barrier

How many languages do you speak?  Well, the mobile video app Vine just added 19 new languages to its repertoire.  This latest update for both iOS and Android operating systems shows that Vine is definitely committed to becoming a dominant social video app internationally.

Anything social media marketing news you would like to share?  Please use the comments below.



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