Don’t Use Twitter Advertising Until You Read This

Is Twitter advertising right for your business?  Small businesses using social media in Australia can benefit from advertising on Twitter.  But before you start spending your hard earned money promoting your tweets, I recommend you take the time to learn as much as you can about this social marketing strategy.  In fact, I’ll go ahead and get you started with a few basics and best practices.

Fits the Bill

There might just be as many creative ways to use Twitter advertising as there are SMEs in Australia.  To get your creative juices flowing before you start using Twitter’s promoted products, I would suggest you go ahead and read through the social network’s successful casestudies.  There is bound to be a case study that you could replicate or that sparks an idea of your own.

Uniquely Different

The Twitter advertising experience is different than other social network and online ads for both the brands and users.  Ads become part of the user experience as your prospects and customers on Twitter can perform social actions like retweeting your message, @reply to your ad, clicking a link and also adding it to their public favorite list.  And with Twitter ads, you can choose a promoted product that fits the result you wish to achieve as a business.

In the Now

Does your brand want hype up a new service or product launch or get people excited about an event?  Give Twitter’s Promoted Trends a try.  Twitter will place your ad among other viral conversations that are popular and trending with its users.

Join the Party

Are you looking to grow your businesses Twitter follower count?  The Promoted Account product is the way to go.  Twitter will place your brand in relevant search results and in its Who To Follow recommendations to users who follow similar businesses.

What’s the Deal

If you have a promotion, a special or any other kind of deal that you want to get out to the masses on Twitter, then Promoted Tweets is your channel.  This Twitter advertising option is a great way to gain exposure and build awareness.  Depending on your goals, your promoted tweets can show up to this social network’s users in the timeline, search results, in mobile results and can even be geographically targeted.

Controlling Interest

Businesses using social media in Australia to grow their online and offline presence, advertisingonTwitter is definitely a great option.  I just touched on a few of the ways you can control your marketing message with this social network.  Once you determine your online advertising goals and your budget, then you will easily find a way to make Twitter advertising work for your brand.

Speak Up

Does your business use paid social media options like Twitter’s Promoted Product line?  We’d love to hear your ideas and success stories.  Please share them in the comments below.  Read more


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