Don’t Use Facebook’s Redesigned Right-Hand-Side Ads Until You Read This Blog Post

Facebook Ads

Redesigned right-hand-side Facebook ads have most likely been released by now.  With the social network saying these paid social media ads received three times more engagement in the testing phase than the previous Facebook ad design, it probably is time to you consider adding them to your social marketing plans.  But don’t use these newly-designed social marketing ads until you read the following tips for improving your Facebook advertising conversions and clicks.

Added Information

Have you not read the news about the rollout of Facebook’s redesigned right-hand-side ads yet?  The good news is the reported higher click-through rates, but the bad news is that – with less add space available in the news feed – your business will probably pay more for those clicks.  That’s why it is more important than ever to pay attention to Facebook advertising best practices like the ones we share below.

End in Sight

Does your paid social media for business strategy begin with the end in mind for both your fans and your business?  Your brand must provide a reason for individuals  to click your ads and you must use the end result  to further your marketing efforts.  You can do this by offering something of value (coupons, ebooks, video instructions, contest entry, etc.) and using a sign-up form to build your email list for future marketing.

Mirror, Mirror

If you know what your customers look like, doesn’t it make sense that you should seek out others that fit the same target demographics.  If you keep a customer email list (you do right?), then you can upload that email list in Facebook to create lookalike audiences for advertising purposes.  Take this a step further and upload smaller, segmented lists of customers who purchased specific products and services, create lookalike audiences from those lists, and advertise to those individuals offering a coupon or promotion for the same product or service.

Making the Grade

Do you like taking tests?  Whether you do or don’t,  in the case of Facebook for business or any other paid social media marketing on channels like Twitter or LinkedIn, you must test a variety of ads and ad content to see what works best.  For this tip, your business needs to create a variation of ads – different calls-to-action, different ad images, different ad types, etc. – with the same target audience to see what drives the most clicks and conversions.

Conversion Combo

Would your business like to see higher conversion rates on a regular basis with Facebook advertising?  Try combining paid search advertising (think Google ads) with ads on Facebook.  Read this study to see how combining these two online ad platforms can increase conversions by 19% while decreasing cost per acquisition by 10%.

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