Don’t Use Facebook for Business Until You Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Ignoring Facebook privacy settings can lead to a number of dangers for your Facebook for business pages and personal social network profiles.  Stop posting to Facebook right now.  Read this blog post and take a few moments to ensure your privacy settings protect your business reputation and keep you and your family safe.

Custom Sharing

Are you a business owner with a well-known name and face in your local community?  If so, then you might want to create custom lists to ensure you are sharing content to a select, tight-knit group of friends or family.  In your Facebook privacy settings and tools, you can create custom privacy settings under the “Who can see my stuff?” section and selectively share your social media for business content.

Going Mobile

Do you use the Facebook mobile app for iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones to keep track of your Facebook for business and personal accounts?  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your computer’s Facebook privacy settings will carry over to your Facebook posts when using the social network’s mobile application.  Take the time to give your mobile app privacy settings a check-up before sharing another post on your mobile device.

Misleading Marketing

Would you be embarrassed if your photo showed up on one of your competitor’s marketing activities on Facebook?  If you Like a competing business on Facebook to keep track of their social network strategy or check-in at their location, then your image could appear in their Facebook ads.  Follow this privacy path (Activity Log > Likes > Pencil Icon > Unlike) to keep this from happening and ruining your day.

Last Requests

One subject most of us never want to think about is death.  Due to a change in Facebook’s company policy, what we choose to share and whom we choose to share it with as we take our last breath is how our Facebook privacy settings will live on in eternity.  Don’t put off updating your social media privacy settings any longer as you never know which embarrassing photo posted to Facebook may be your last.

Helping Hand

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to help us remember to mind our Facebook privacy settings.  Who better to do this than a blue, computer-carrying cartoon dinosaur?  Read about the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur and how this could actually be a useful tool to help keep social network users from over sharing.

Know It All

Are you worried that the cute, blue cartoon dinosaur might not be enough to keep you and your family safe on Facebook or your business’s reputation from being damaged?  We don’t blame you one bit.  Sometimes it pays to be a know-it-all, and that is why you should read this Facebook privacy settings article that is packed full of information and instructions on keeping your social network posts safe and sound.

Please share your tips for managing and updating Facebook privacy settings in our comments below.




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