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Are you ready for your weekly social media news?  Can your business afford to stay uninformed about the latest social marketing features and tools?  Here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve and keep your social media marketing strategy fresh and successful.

Private Practice

Have you ever deleted a Facebook for business post before sharing it with your brand’s fans after you decided it may have been inappropriate or offensive?  Well, you may have kept your Facebook fans from viewing your content, but you did not keep it from the prying eyes of the social network.  Even if you do not hit the “Enter” button, Facebook tracks what you type in what is has recently revealed as their “self-censorship” initiative.

Gaining Ground

In other Facebook for business news, the social media giant is making headway in the digital advertising spending arena.  If your business uses Facebook ads as part of its desktop or mobile social marketing strategy, then you are definitely not alone.  In 2013, the social network jumped ahead of Microsoft and Yahoo and is now second only to Google when it comes to digital advertising market share.

Everyone’s Invited

Has your business been patiently sitting on the sidelines waiting to stream live content on YouTube?  The online video giant and arm of social network Google+ recently removed the curtain keeping us regular folks out of the live streaming fun.  Now, everyone – businesses and brands included – with a verified YouTube Channel can use this valuable social marketing tool to grow their brand and reach their customers and prospects.

Safe and Sound

Using Twitter for business to grow your brand awareness and reach your target audience is a smart social media strategy.  Using Twitter to become aware of life-threatening emergencies is also a very smart strategy for staying safe and avoiding danger.  Twitter’s emergency alert system was recently updated again to make it easier for users to sign up for emergency alerts.

Simple Search

Do you tweet out LinkedIn Influencer content to your Twitter followers or share their valuable information to you LinkedIn professional network?  Instead of scrolling through post after post, the social network recently released a new tool to help you discover the exact LinkedIn Influencer content you are searching for online.  Whether you are looking for social media marketing, finance, technology or other topical content, all you have to do is use the LinkedIn search box to find it.

Winning Pins

Since we are writing this blog post as 2014 begins, we would surely disappoint our readers if we didn’t have at least one “best of 2013” entry.  So, before you walk away unhappy, here is what you’ve been waiting for as you made your way through all the above content.  Take a look at Pinterest’s top pins of 2013 for inspiration as your business moves forward into 2014.

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