Dont Miss This Shocking Social Media News from Facebook Along with Other Social Marketing News You Need to Know

Are you ready for some shocking Facebook for business news?  Looking for much more critical social media marketing information than you will find almost anywhere else on the Internet?  If so, you have come to the right place.  And if you suffer from lack of patience, then you may want to scroll to the last social network news snippet sharing a Facebook update which is sure to cause distress and panic for at least a handful of people.

New and Improved

If you are one of the many Android smartphone users waiting for a new Instagram app update, then you will be glad to know your wait is over.  The updated social media photo-sharing app promise to increase your load times and make the app more responsive for mobile device users.  Besides being faster, your Instagram for business Android app will also showcase a cleaner design which makes navigating around the app much easier.

Designed to Sell

Has your Facebook for business page design been updated?  Does your Facebook News Feed feature the latest look and feel?  Well, if your business uses the social network’s events feature for marketing and promoting purposes, you will also soon (if you don’t already) see a new Facebook Events Page design as well.

Flattery or Duplication

Does Google+ for business have a place in your social media marketing plan?  The next time you share a link to your blog content or to any other valuable content make sure to pay attention to the new design of Google+ link posts.  You may notice an uncanny resemblance to another social network as your link images are now much larger and the titles are cleaner and more noticeable.

Fan Favorite

We don’t know about you, but we love to Retweet, read and Favorite industry experts, thought leaders and cutting-edge companies on Twitter.  The biggest problem we run into is keeping up with and not missing tweets shared by these Twitter for business users.  Well, if this article on Mashable turns out to be true and the micro-blogging social network does introduce a “Fave People” timeline, then our social media lives will soon become much easier.

Gone But Not Missed

For the two people in the world who actually used their email address, this snippet of social media news is for the both of you.  The shocking news out of Facebook headquarters is that the social network is discontinuing its email service.  While we know that this announcement will surely cause waves of panic across the globe for at least a handful of people, we still felt that posting this news was a risk we needed to take.

What social media news have you read, watched or heard lately.  Please share yours with our readers below.




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