Don’t Decide Between Facebook for Business or Instagram Until You Read This Post

Are you ready to integrate Instagram into your social media strategy?  Have you been wondering whether you should focus your energy on Facebook for business instead of adding Instagram as another social network for your business?  We’re going to help you understand the differences, similarities and benefits of using these two social marketing channels for your brand.

Ins and Outs

What are the ins and outs of Instagram for business?  Well, first and foremost, Instagram is a photo-sharing app for both Apple iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets which also now offers an online web space for its users to showcase its photos.  Businesses can use Instagram to showcase products and utilise functionality such as hashtags and social seo in its photo descriptions.

Big Bully on the Block

Facebook is the world’s largest social network clocking in at, “1.15 billion monthly users…in Q2 of 2013” according to TechCrunch.  Because of its massive user-base, this has been the social network of choice for many brand’s social media marketing strategies.  Facebook for business offers a wide-range of functions that most other social channels do not.

Playing Favorites

So, out of these two options, which should be the choice of your business.  To make that decision, you must understand your business’s social media goals.  And maybe more importantly, your brand must also have an awareness of its target audience and how that demographic uses social media.

On the Flip Side

Moving further along into the decision-making process, your brand must think about the main benefits Facebook and Instagram offer.  Your Facebook for business page allows your brand to build relationships and then nurture those relationships (think social conversations, engagement, customer service, etc.).  Your Instagram account will allow you to create a visually, engaging social marketing platform and reach out to your fans 24/7 with mobile technology.

The Winner Is…

Our advice to businesses when it comes to making a decision between Facebook and Instagram is simple – use both.  These two social networks complement each other (probably why Facebook now owns Instagram) in many ways.  Facebook posts that include photos do extremely well when it comes to likes, shares and comments.  And Instagram, well, it gives you the tool to create and share those creative, eye-catching, brand-building images while reaching out to and including the ever-growing socially mobile audience.

So, take the time to integrate both Facebook and Instagram into your business’s social media marketing strategy.  And if you need tips for doing so, we know where you can find heaps of Facebook for business and Instagram for business tips.  Have any tips of your own to share?  Please use our comments below.

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