Don’t Be Left Behind – Here’s 5 Social Media Trends for 2013 You Need to Know About

Social media trends for 2013 come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of these 2013 social media marketing trends may not seem surprising at all while others may be something you had no idea about.  Either way, our quick review of some hot trends in social networking for 2013 will give your business a jump on where you should focus your social media strategy in the coming year.

No Surprise

For most of you, it comes as no surprise that mobile users are the fastest growing segment of the social networking community.  The real surprise might be the trend within this trend.  It seems that mobile users are leaning more towards visual social media platforms.  In fact – and very surprising to this writer – Instagram surged past Twitter in the number of daily active mobile users in 2012.  Do your business a favor: Go mobile and go visual in 2013.

Two is Better than One

Second screen social networking and shopping will continue to grow as more and more users take advantage of lower prices and more options for smartphones and tablets.  In our always connected world, consumers are combining entertainment by surfing the web and communicating with social networks while watching television.  Look for more mobile apps like Minfo to take advantage of this social sales and marketing option in 2013.

Narrow Your Niche

There will always be the big social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.  In 2013, expect to see a rise in niche social networks.  These niche networks will be both interest-based and international-based.  Users with like-minded interests will enjoy more specialised features and content that is focused on their particular interests.  Instead of discussing sports on Facebook, they might instead find a sports-related social network to find a core group of hardcore fans like themselves.

Advertising On the Go

Don’t expect less advertising on Facebook for business pages, in your Twitter feed or while checking your connections on LinkedIn.  Instead, expect more ads and more ways social networks will deliver these ads.  Mobile advertising – once again, no big surprise here – will see the biggest growth in social media marketing advertising in 2013.  With more consumers going mobile, expect advertisers to follow.

Here to Help

Amazingly enough, I continue to see many social posts from consumers go left unanswered by businesses.  The smart businesses – like yours – will begin to spend more time and energy monitoring their social networks and using these channels as inexpensive, efficient customer service tools.  If your company doesn’t have time to monitor and answer posts on its Facebook for business page or Twitter accounts, make sure to hire a good social media management agency to handle that task for you.

What social media marketing trends do you predict for 2013?  Please share yours in the comment section below.

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